Can a Dog be Allergic to His Bed?

dog adoptionRight before a dog adoption in San Diego, the first thing you need to do is get the right bed for your dog. He will need somewhere to sleep. However, if you notice that your dog is sneezing or itchy, his bed might be the problem. This is more so because the dog bed can be a major source of mites and dust which can trigger allergies. If you feel your dog is allergic to something in your home, you need to know how his bed might be harboring the allergens. Choosing the right type of bed is also a must.

Why his bed may trigger allergies
Over time, dust, mites and at times fleas increase on his bed. This can cause allergic reactions over time. The accumulation of skin cells and fur on the bed is what causes molds and dust mites to grow. While the foam bedding doesn’t facilitate the growth of mold and dust mites in the foam, these allergens can accumulate on the surface if the bed is not cleaned regularly. If the allergies start immediately after getting him on his new bed, there is a chance the synthetic or the latex memory foam might be cause the allergies. You need to find the right bed for your dog immediately after a puppy adoption.

Pick the right fabric
As aforementioned, the outer fabric of your dog’s bed can cause allergies. The dog beds are available in many outer fabrics which include shag faux fur, suede, cotton, micro suede shearling, polyester and wool. Certain fabrics are more likely to trigger allergies in dogs. This is because the manufacturing of these fabrics normally require the use of certain chemicals and processes. Most of these chemicals are allergenic. Certain fabrics will promote the accumulation of mold, dust mites, mildew and even bacteria. As you process the paperwork for a dog rescue in San Diego, you should ask the staffs at the shelter for advice on the best fabrics for your dog’s bed. The most recommended fabrics are those made of 100% cotton or those that are made of tightly woven microfiber fabric.

The secret to avoid allergies caused by the dog bed is to regularly replace the bed and make sure that you purchase a dog bed that is known to be allergy free. Your vet can help assess the allergies of your dog and also recommend the best bed. Do a thorough research on dog beds before proceeding with a puppy rescue.

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