Top Dog Training Tips You Need to Use

A puppy adoption in San Diego is always a very exciting. This is because you will be bringing home a new family member that will stay loyal to you for the rest of his life. The challenge, however, comes when you get to dog training. Dog training is a must because this is the only way to deal with behavioral issues and instill the skills that you want to see in your dog. Although training takes time, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that you end up with great results. Here are the top things you ought to do when it comes to dog training.

Listen to him
One of the most important things you need to do is to learn to listen to your dog. If he is uncomfortable meeting the other pets in your house, you must not insist. He is being uncomfortable for a reason. You have to respect that because forcing him to meet other pets can often lead to bigger problems. Forcing your dog to do things might also cause you to lose his trust.

Be generous with affections
With most dog owners, they have no problem expressing their disappointment when their dog does something wrong. They, however, ignore the good things that their dog does. Immediately after a dog adoption, you have to learn to be very attentive to the actions of your dog. You should let him know when he is a good boy. When reprimanding him, don’t be too harsh.

Tell him what you want
Most people are too focused on telling their ‘dogs’ no instead of telling their dog what they want them to do. One thing you need to understand is that a dog will excel when you tell him what he should do rather than just tell him not to do what he was doing. You need to understand that dogs don’t generalize well. If you say no when he jumps on someone, he might jump higher. The best solution to this is to tell him to do something else such as ‘sit’.

Have realistic expectations
You have to be very realistic after a dog rescue in San Diego. You have to start by noting that the dog will not trust you right away. It may take weeks or even months before he warms up to you. You also need to be consistent and patient when training him. Never rush things as doing so will lead to problems.

The above are the important things you have to do when it comes to training after a puppy rescue. You should always remember that you will only get what you reinforce.

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