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Health Guarantee

Limited 10 Day & 6 Month Health Warranty

Pups & Pets warrants your pet for 10 days against any serious viral issues and 6 months against any serious hereditary or congenital disorders.

Adopter must have this pet examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 days. If veterinarian finds an illness covered under this warranty, you must notify Pups & Pets within 48 hrs.

Please keep in mind, these animals are rescues with mostly unknown origins and breeding conditions.

Pups & Pets does not warranty you pet for the following issues or disorders commonly associated with puppies or rescues.

*Respiratory infections – Kennel cough, pneumonia

*Parasites – Common in puppies. While we do monitor pups in store, we do not test and cannot guarantee they are parasite free.

*Hypoglycemia – Toy & miniature breeds are susceptible to juvenile hypoglycemia. We recommend that you do not adopt a toy breed if you are not prepared to handle this challenge!

*Cosmetic – Teeth pulling, dew claws ect..

*Pre existing – Any specific disorders or conditions reported present at time of adoption.

Pups & Pets will cover costs at Pet Hospital of North Park only. Total amount covered will not exceed 10% of adoption fee. Pups & Pets DOES NOT cover costs from hospitals outside of this plan unless our Dr. makes a specific recommendation.