What to Feed Your Dog

Immediately after a puppy adoption in San Diego, the next thing you need to worry about is what to feed your dog. Remember that as much as he craves your food, you cannot continuously feed your new companion human food. Dogs need their own unique diet. The good news is that the team in the animal center and your vet will be happy to point you to the best dog feeds. These are not, however, your only options when it comes to feeding your dog. You can feed your dog without breaking your budget while at the same time keeping him healthy.

Compare dog food brands
The first thing you need to do is to compare the various dog food brands that are available on the market. Needless to say, this step can be frustrating. There are hundreds of brands to pick from. You can, however, make work easier for yourself by seeking advice from family, friends and even from your vet. Their recommendations will help narrow down your list. Reviewing the ingredients in every brand will further help find the best brand. Finding the best dog food brand is something you should do before taking your dog home after a dog adoption.

Homemade dog food recipes
This is yet another great option you can use. The best thing about homemade recipes is that they give you complete control over what is in the food that your dog eats. This option will also help save a great deal of money. The Internet is filled with thousands of recipes that you can use to cook food for your dog. Always ask your vet for advice before selecting a recipe. Always pay attention to the ingredients and method of preparation.

Another thing you need to think about after a dog rescue in San Diego is the supplements. Just like us, dogs cannot get every nutrient they need for a healthy growth from the dog feed alone. They also need supplements. The type of supplements you pick will depend on a dog breed. You will find all manner of supplements on the market. Make sure you select the one that is ideal for your dog.

What you feed your dog will influence his overall health. You need to make sure that his diet is well balanced. The ingredients in his diet also need to be all organic. While treats are good, they can make your dog gain weight. Use treats with care. Prior or immediately after a puppy rescue, you need to compile a list of foods that you should never feed your dog. Avocado and chocolate are on top of the list.

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