What You Need to Understand About Pet Insurance

Giving your dog the best care is the top priority after a dog adoption in San Diego. One way of ensuring the costs don’t get unmanageable is by taking out a pet insurance. There are many insurance companies that offer this package. But is this cover really worth it?

How it works
Pet insurance works in the same way as medical health insurance. When you have the cover, you take your dog to the vet, pay the cost upfront and submit a claim against your pet insurance later. The majority of pet insurance provider will help find the licensed vet and reimburse you for the eligible costs. The amount of reimbursement you get will depend on the insurance company that you are using. The best insurance providers will give you up to 80% of the typical costs. Always read through the insurance policy before getting insurance after a puppy adoption.

Just like with your medical health insurance, you will get coverage based on a tiered system. The most affordable package is the basic one. The top tier will offer comprehensive coverage options and will cost you a lot more in monthly premiums. The four main levels of coverage include the following:

  • Emergency coverage

This is the lowest level of coverage and the cheapest. It covers vet bills, hospitalization and all necessary medical treatment after an accident. Routine visits and standard procedure surgeries are not covered.

  • Emergency and illness coverage

This is the typical second tier. It covers accidents and any unexpected illness. With this coverage, you can take your dog to the regular vet, animal hospital or an emergency clinic. The insurance company will cover necessary medical care, x-rays and office visits.

  • Emergency, illness and routine coverage

When going for a dog rescue in San Diego, this is the coverage you should go for. This third tier coverage will reimburse you for accidental injuries, sudden illness and routine surgeries and treatments. You can also file a claim for vaccinations, spaying and neutering and physical exams.

  • Full coverage

This is the most comprehensive and most expensive tier. It covers all the medical expenses for your dog. It accepts claims for illnesses, accidents, vaccinations, heartworm prevention, chronic illness, dental care, spaying and neutering.

After determining the coverage that you need, it is good to consider the impact that the cover you are considering will have on your wallet. Make sure that you compare the prices from different insurance providers before selecting a cover after a dog or puppy rescue.

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