What to Do After Adopting a Dog

A dog adoption in San Diego often brings a lot of excitement. There is nothing that beats the joy of having a new family member that will be loyal to you for the rest of his life. The only important thing is to ensure that you select a dog with care. Provided you pick the right dog breed, you will never be disappointed provided you give him the care he needs. You can always consult the staff at the animal shelter for advice if you are stranded on the dog to adopt. But what happens once you bring him home?

Settle him at home
Once the adoption process is complete and you are set to bring him home, you need to understand that there are certain supplies that you will have to buy in advance. After picking the dog breed for a puppy adoption, you need to purchase the following supplies. Make sure the supplies you get are appropriate to your selected dog breed:

  • Dog crate
  • Dog bed
  • Water and food bowls
  • Dog collar and leash
  • High quality food
  • Baby gates if you wish to restrict access to certain areas of the house
  • Toys
  • Treats

You will also need to be patient with your dog. He will not warm up to you immediately. He is going to be curious about his new environment. He will spend most of his time sniffing things. You have to be gentle with him. Don’t shout at him. You should also make sure that you establish the toilet spot right away. Within a few days, after he has established that you are a friend, you will notice a surge in energy. Give him the attention he needs and never leave him alone for too long. Some adults can be left alone for up to 8 hours. However, if you went for a puppy rescue in San Diego, you should be prepared to give him more attention.

Invest in training
Don’t wait too long to start training your dog. Even if you adopted a fully trained dog, you should sign up for basic obedience classes within the first two weeks of ownership. These classes are helpful both to you and your dog. Standard dog training classes cost about $100. The classes will help you establish yourself as the boss to the dog.

Head to the vet
The third important thing you need to do after a dog rescue is to schedule an appointment with a vet. This will facilitate regular checkups. It is also during the first visits that the vet will schedule follow-up visits and also check if your dog has any health issues.

These are the three crucial things you need to do after a dog adoption. Don’t be afraid to seek help from other dog owners, the team at the animal shelter and from your vet. Online resources will also help you learn more about your dog.

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