Essential Supplies You Should Buy for Your Dog

You don’t need to buy everything you need before a dog adoption in San Diego. However, because the day of bringing the new dog home is filled with lots of excitement, it is always a good idea to buy several essential things well in advance. Do not be afraid to borrow some of the supplies from family and friends. The pet store is also a great source for ideas and the supplies that you need.

All in all, you should not just grab any item that comes your way. Keep the type and size of your dog in mind when shopping. For example, if you are adopting a Chihuahua, the supplies you get will need to be considerably smaller than those for a German shepherd or the Great Bernard. Be sure to consider the size information on the dog breed that you want to bring home. The team at the animal shelter will also be quite helpful in selecting the items you need after a puppy adoption. Let us take a look at the essential supplies that you will need to get even before you bring your new dog home.

High quality food
You must never compromise on the quality of food you feed your dog. Search for the foods that contain meats and proteins. You will also need to look for non-corn whole grains like barley or oats as well as whole vegetables like broccoli and sweet potatoes. Pay attention to the ingredients in the dog food. You want to go for foods that are whole and natural. Be ready to spend between $20 and $30 on a medium sized bag of dog food.

Food and water bowls
Your dog will need to eat from somewhere. Find bowls that are appropriate to the size of your dog. With high quality bowls you will spend about $10.

Collar and leash
You need to make your puppy get used to the collar and leash as soon as he gets in your home. Long before you bring him home after a dog rescue in San Diego, you need to buy a collar that is appropriate to your dog as well as a leash that is at least 6 feet long. Nylon collars costs between $5 and $15 whereas high quality nylon leashes will cost between $10 and $30. Cost depends on the width and length of the leash.

Dog bed
Your dog will need a comfortable place to sleep. You don’t need to buy a crate right away. A good bed will do just fine. This will cost about $20.

Baby gates
In most cases, when opting for a puppy rescue you will need to invest in baby gates. These help prevent the dog from accessing some areas of the house. The cost of the gate depends on size and quality. You can expect to pay up to $40 on a good baby gate.

The above are the essential things you will have to get before bringing your dog home. You should also consider buying a dog crate (costs about $50), toys and treats. The other things you can buy as you learn more about your dog.

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