Things You Need to Understand About a Dog Adoption

A dog adoption in San Diego is something that most people rush to after learning about the plight of dogs in animal shelters. However, before you run to the nearest animal shelter, it is imperative that you understand the cost and process of adopting a dog. You also need to assess if you are truly ready for the adoption or not. Here are the main things you will have to understand.

Not every dog will be right for you
There are so many animals in the shelters that are in dire need of a loving home. The problem is that you cannot save all of them. Some dog breeds also have a personality that you cannot manage. This is why the first thing you need to do before proceeding with an adoption is to learn more about the dog. Just because you are considering a puppy adoption does not mean the dog will never grow up. Yes the personality of a dog is learnt but certain traits are common in dogs of the same breed. This is why you need match the temperament of a dog to your lifestyle. Learning as much as you can about a dog breed is the key to helping you find the best dog for your home.

It costs money
You should note that an adoption is not free. To raise the money needed to rescue more dogs, animal shelters require that you pay a small fee. The fee for a dog rescue in San Diego ranges from $100 to $350. This might seem like a lot of money but when compared to getting a dog from a breeder or pet store, this is a very cheap price. What is even better is that fact that the dogs in the shelter have had all their shots, have been spayed and are in perfect health. Some will also be micro-chipped already. This means you won’t have to spend more money after an adoption.

It is not always easy
Animal shelters don’t want their rescued dogs to end in the wrong hands or back on the streets. That is why the adoption process is very strict. You will be asked a lot of intruding questions and a background check will have to be done. The representatives at the animal shelter may also have to come to your home to assess your living condition. Not everyone who sets out to adopt a dog succeeds.

You need to create a welcoming home
Last but not least, you will have to create a welcoming home for your new dog. You need to get all the necessary supplies which include dog toys, dog bed, high quality food, dog collar, leash, water bowls and also dog-proof your home. The cost for the initial supplies is between $100 and $200.

Going through with a puppy rescue is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. You just need to be prepared for the speed bumps along the way. Always remember that the barriers are there for a good reason.

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