How to Keep You Dog from Crying When You Leave

After a dog adoption in San Diego, you will need to make friends with your new dog. The issue is that once you get him home, even long before he starts to trust you fully, he will start to cry each time you leave him alone. This is a very common problem that people get to deal with. The good news, however, is that there is a solution. The following practices will help you avoid the sad, lonely, anxious or bored feeling that causes a dog to cry.

Set a daily routine
The most important thing you need to do as soon as you bring your dog home after an adoption is to set a reliable daily routine. Dogs do best with a routine. Even with a dog you have had for a while, breaking routine will cause problems. To keep him from crying, you need to put him in a consistent, reliable routine. After a puppy adoption, you will have to give him time to adjust. It will take about one to two weeks for the dog to get used to the schedule. The schedule should be the same for eating, exercising and playing each day. Keeping the schedule of your dog the same throughout the week is the key to stopping the crying problem.

Provide daily exercise
Depending on the dog breed you have, the amount of exercise needed will vary. Some dogs, especially the larger ones, need more exercises than others. You need to give your dog regular daily exercise. This will help shed the excess energy that builds up in your dog. Play sessions, jogs or runs will all help shed the excess energy. Exercise has been found to release serotonin in the brain of the dog. Just like humans, serotonin will create a happy calming feeling. You will deal with fewer instances of crying once you exercise your dog sufficiently.

Leave the radio or TV on
Another solution for dealing with the dog crying problem is to leave the TV or radio on when you leave. People talking on the radio or TV will work in calming the dog. This solution will work best after a puppy rescue in San Diego.

Provide a food puzzle toy
Before leaving the house, you can give the food puzzle toy to your dog. The toy will keep him busy trying to get the food out. You need the right size of toy for the size of your dog. For the purpose of rotation, you need to get at least four different toys. Give a different toy each day. The solution will work like a charm after a dog rescue.

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