How to Train Your Dog Using Treats

Dog training should start immediately after a dog adoption in San Diego. The longer you take to train your dog the harder it will be to get rid of behavioral issues and to teach him new skills. In this post, we shall be taking a look at the best way to use treats when training your dog. Needless to say, the use of treats is one of the most effective positive reinforcement methods you can use. However, when used poorly, it can lead to problems. Here are some of the things you need to do when raining with treats.

Reinforce, don’t bribe
When it comes to obedience training, reinforcement works better than bribery. Your dog should not have to do the desired action in order to get the treat. The treat should serve as a reward for doing the job well. This is because you will not always have a treat handy in the future when you want him to do a trick. When training starts, you can use the treats but as he progresses, the treats should become less and less. This will guarantee that the dog is doing the action because of the command and not because there are treats available. Treats should only be used to establish the link between a command and a desired action. Once that link is established, treats can be used less often. This is an important point you need to understand long before you bring him home after a puppy adoption.

Reward the small steps
Having realistic expectations when it comes to dog training is crucial to success. This means you should not expect him to do a trick perfectly the first time round. You need to reward the small steps too. You should reward even the smallest of progress. Accidental progresses should also be rewarded. With time, the dog will make the connection and continue to do them.

Keep the treats small
The last thing you want is for the treats to make the dog full. If he is full, he will no longer want the treats. You have to use very small treats in order to use them frequently without making your dog full. A small treat will be enough to keep your dog motivated.

Adjust the diet
Feeding your dog too much of the same treat can lead to weight problems. This is why you need to adjust his diet. While giving him the treats, you should consider reducing his food portions. The last thing you want after a dog rescue in San Diego is for your dog to end up being obese.

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