3 Alternatives to Dog Massage

A dog adoption is a noble thing to do. However, before you go ahead with the adoption, it is good to weigh your options carefully. You need to note that the adoption does not come without a price. You have to be ready to feed, train, exercise, groom and worry about health issues. You also need to bond with him. One of the best methods of bonding with a pet is massage . Canine massage has been around for many years.

Dog massage will help you bond with your dog as well as give him the relief he needs from pain or stress. It has also been found to be effective on anxiety issues. All in all, it is good to note that you cannot use massage in all situations. In some cases, massage might not be beneficial. You have to consider alternatives. In this post, we will be looking at the alternative methods you can use to treat sore muscles. These points will come in handy after a puppy adoption.

The first option is the use of medication. There are many medications you can use for pain relief. They include the canine NSAIDS (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) and a range of other medications designed to relieve pain for severe arthritis or surgery. You need to talk to your vet before you put your dog on any medication.

Some medications that might be recommended include opioid pain reliever, tramadol, gabapentin to target the nervous system and the adequan to relieve pan while repairing affected tissues. More often than not, these medications will be used together with exercise, massage and natural supplements.

Another great option you can use after a dog rescue is the supplements. There are many great supplements that work great to relief pain and to repair tissues. The most common supplements are chondroitin and glucosamine. These are used as arthritis medications and as diets that have been formulated for the larger breeds and senior dogs. Omega-3 supplements have been known to help dogs with osteoarthritis. Other great supplements you can consider include creatine, astaxanthin, green lipped mussel and MSM.

It is good to include most of these supplements in the diet of your dog even if he is healthy. They will help prevent a huge number of illnesses. However, you should not do so without consulting your vet.

Physical therapy
The third option you can consider for your pet is physical therapy. This is more so if you notice serious health problems after your puppy rescue. This includes massage and therapy techniques. The puppy can be put on a treadmill; more so the underwater treadmills which reduce the weight bearing while enabling the pet to move its joints.

Canine massage offers a remarkable bonding experience. However, it cannot be used on all situations. Unless your vet directs you to use massage on your recovering dog don’t use it. You might end up causing more harm than good. Consider one or all of these three alternatives instead.

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