Why Does the Dog Keep on Barking?

This is one of the questions people ask after a dog adoption in San Diego. You need to understand that dogs bark for all manner of reasons. The good news is that you can stop the unnecessary barking. But first you need to understand the different sounds dogs make.

There are basically three sounds:

  • Play barks. This is the sound he makes when he wants to play with you. These barks are shorter and high pitched.
  • Defensive barks. These are loud fast bursts.
  • Bored and anxious barks. These barks are monotone and repetitive.

Which bark does your dog keep on making? When poorly trained, your dog can bark at virtually anything from the crack of thunder to a car passing by. Proper training is the best cure for unnecessary barking. Training must start immediately after a puppy adoption. The sooner you start the better. Other than that, here are three simple tips to help stop your dog from barking.

Give him mental and physical challenges
Your dog will bark when he has a lot of unshed natural energy. In this case, his behavioral issues will lead to barks. Your dog will also bark because he is bored. The solution is to challenge him both physically and mentally to shed off the natural energy. You can start by doing the following:

  • Hide treats around the house and leave your dog to find them.
  • Cut small holes in a 2 liter bottle and fill it with treats.
  • Freeze toys and healthy treats in blocks for your dog to nibble on in hot days.
  • Get him pet puzzles and other toys.

Thorough daily exercises are the best solution for barking dogs. You also need to train him so that when you tell him to stop barking he stops.

Take him to the vet
Health issues can cause your dog to bark uncontrollably. Barking is the only way your dog knows to communicate with you. If you can’t find any trigger for his barking, taking him to the vet and explaining the problem can help solve the issue. After a dog rescue in San Diego, you should find a good vet and take your dog for regular checkups.

Make your home dog-friendly
Last but not least, you need to make your home as pet friendly as possible. Apart from frustrations and boredom, dog barks are territorial. If you don’t socialize him properly, he will be territorial and bark at anything that gets near your home.

Proper exercising and training is the best cure for barking dogs. If you feel your dog is barking unnecessarily, consider using the above tips and if that doesn’t help contact a dog trainer. Proper training can help fix just any behavioral issue.

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