Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog

Being approved for a dog adoption in San Diego brings a lot of excitement. You finally have the chance to save a dog’s life and bring a lifetime best friend into your life. However, for your new dog to offer you the many benefits that come with dog ownership, you have to give him the best care possible. Here are the important things you need to do when taking care of your dog.

Provide protection and a clean environment
Our main responsibility as a dog owner is to protect him and provide a clean living environment. You are responsible for sheltering your dog from the elements as well as hazards. You will also be responsible for good hygiene. This is why before bringing your new dog home you have to assess your home to make sure it is safe for him.

Provide fresh water at all times
You have to maintain optimal hydration for the overall wellbeing of your dog. To do this you have to make sure that your dog has access to a bowl of clean water at all times.

Feed quality food and prevent obesity
Did you know that a dog is prone to gaining weight and even becoming obese? This happens when you don’t feed him quality food and when you fail to feed him the right portions. As you consider a puppy adoption in San Diego, you have to make sure you understand how to properly feed him. Get high quality dog food and resist the temptation of overfeeding him. Unhealthy treats will also cause him to gain weight.

Take him to the vet regularly
Your vet will provide information on vaccination schedules, external parasite control and deworming. You must keep a copy of all the vaccination records at home and when you travel. Always contact your vet whenever you suspect that your dog is injured, ill or something does not seem right. Your veterinary is the expert on keeping your dog healthy.

Provide ample exercises
Your dog needs to be exercised sufficiently. After a dog rescue, you must provide ample opportunities for your dog to exercise. Giving him sufficient exercises will keep him fit and health. Sufficient exercises will also prevent behavioral problems.

Develop a relationship with him
Just because it is possible to leave him alone for 8 hours straight doesn’t mean he don’t need you. You need to make time to communicate with you dog. The key is to develop a relationship with him.

Train him
Training should start almost immediately after a puppy rescue. Train him to follow simple commands. Being able to follow simple commands will help your dog live a safe and long life.

Groom him
Last but not least you need to groom him. Brush his hair and trim his nails. Dental care must also be a priority. You should also bathe him.

Giving your dog the best care is the key to having a great time with him. Don’t hesitate to seek help from the experts whenever you are stuck. 

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