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Tibetan Spaniel Puppies

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    Tibetan Spaniel Puppies

    Buying a family dog for the first time can be hard. There are many breeds to choose from. However, with the right information on your fingertips the entire process can go a tad more swimmingly. A Tibetan spaniel is a recommendable puppy for any person looking for a cute and lovely companion dog. This breed originated in Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and is considered an assertive, small and intelligent dog. The Tibetan spaniel puppies San Diego are not true spaniels. The breeding and role of this dog differs significantly from that of spaniels. Its name is only coined from the fact that it closely resembles the bred-down lapdog which is a hunting spaniel. If you are considering this dog for a pet, there are few things you need to learn about it.


    Before buying San Diego Tibetan Spaniel puppies, the number one thing you must do is know how they look like. This breed can be compared to the Pekingese only that it has a less profuse coat and lacks extra skin around its eyes. Its body is generally longer than it is tall. The head is in proportion with the body and is slightly domed. The muzzle is blunt, medium in length and has no wrinkles. The dog has a well defined stop. The nose is black.

    The Tibetan spaniel puppy San Diego has dark brown eyes that are well separated. The eyes are oval shaped and medium in size. The teeth make a scissors bit. The front legs appear slightly bowed and the feet are catlike. More often than not, the dewclaws are removed. The tail is high set and carried over the back.

    To distinguish the Tibetan spaniel puppies San Diego from other breeds, you need to pay special attention to the coat. The double coat is silky and lies flat on the body. The face and the front legs have a shorter and smooth. The neck of this breed is covered in mane. The toes have featherings. The coat comes in almost all colors and may be multicolored, shaded or solid. The most common colors are cream, gold, red, fawn and black and tan. You may also find white markings on the feet.


    The temperament of the Tibetan Spaniel puppies San Diego will help you determine whether it is the right dog for you. In general, this dog is happy, cheerful, charming, trusting and very intelligent. It makes a fine family companion. It is also independent and makes a great watchdog. It will bark at odd noises and intruders but it is not yappy. The best thing about this breed is that it gets along with other animals including dogs. The key, however, to radiating the best qualities of your dog is to socialize and train him from an early age and present yourself as a strong pack leader.


    The breed is prone to heatstroke and respiratory problems.


    When you buy the Tibetan spaniel puppy San Diego, you must be prepared to take him for daily walks. Grooming calls for regular brushing and combing. This dog is ideal for the apartment life.

    Average size

    Height: 10 inches

    Weight: 9 to 15 pounds

    Life expectancy

    12 to 15 years

    Typical use

    Companion dog

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