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Pointer puppies

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    Pointer puppies

    The Pointer was developed as a gun dog. It is also called the English Pointer. Out in the field, this dog breed is known as a rustic hunter but at home it is mannerly. It is usually protective, very alert and extremely loyal. When well trained and socialized, this dog breed will mix the traits of a sporting and household companion dog. It is mainly considered as a family dog because of its gentleness and playfulness with kids. The San Diego pointer puppies are also very trainable, tidy and intelligent.


    The head of the Pointer puppy San Diego is as wide as its muzzle. It has a long neck and a deep muzzle. The stop is well defined and the nose is black or brown in color based on the coat color. The teeth make a scissors bite. The eyes are dark and rounded in shape. The ears are hanging and pointed at the end. The fore legs are straight. The tail is large and tapering at some point.

    The Pointer puppies San Diego have a short coat that is both smooth and dense. The coat colors include white with some liver, black and lemon. The coat may also have some orange markings. It may be speckled or patched and may also have a solid color or a tricolor.


    The Pointer puppy San Diego is normally of high energy and is a very enthusiastic hunter. When sufficiently exercised, it will be calm at home. The dog is also intelligent, loyal, clean and very devoted. Most people consider it for a family pet because of its friendliness, patience, affection and love for children. The dog will bark when suspicious but does not make a great watchdog.

    Absent proper socialization, the San Diego Pointer puppy may be reserved with strangers. The dog needs to be socialized at an early age. It will also need a handler that is mentally strong to avoid timidity. When the master is nervous, it is more likely that the dog will become nervous too. Dogs feel emotions. In addition to that, the dog will need sufficient physical and mental exercises to elude the development of undesirable behaviors. The dog will also need you to be a strong pack leader else it will start herding you and the family. In general, the pointer puppies San Diego are great with both kids and pets. They are not aggressive towards other dogs.


    The breed is prone to hip dysplasia, dwarfism and thyroid problems. They may also suffer skin conditions. Regular vet appointments are recommended.


    The dog needs daily exercises which include long walks, jogs or runs. Walk him beside or behind you. The coat needs brushing regularly with a firm bristle brush. It should only be bathed when absolutely necessary. The San Diego Pointer puppies breed is an average shedder and is recommendable for people who suffer from dog allergies.

    Average size

    Height: 21 to 24 inches

    Weight: 44 to 66 pounds

    Life expectancy

    About 14 years

    Typical use

    Widely used as a companion dog

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