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Ibizan Hound Puppies

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    Ibizan Hound Puppies

    The Ibizan Hound was recently named the Podenco Ibicenco. It is a lean and agile hound dog with either wire or smooth hair types. The smooth hair coat is the most common. The long haired coat is only found in the variation of the wire coat.


    The San Diego Ibizan Hound puppies are best identified by their athletic and very attractive outline. They have a ground covering springy throt. In spite of being graceful nature, they have a great bone girth and are considered to be a hardy dog breeds.

    The breed has large ears that stand upright. The neck is lean and long. The shoulders are well laid back. The top line is level. The coat color of the Ibizan Hound puppies San Diego are a combination of white and red. The eye rims, ears and feet pads have a light tan. The eyes are amber. The expression of the breed is generally intelligent. The males are larger than females.


    The Ibizan Hound puppy San Diego is quiet, very clean and quite playful and polite. The breed has been found to be great with kids. It is both sensitive and sensible. They are at times protective and independent. In the presence of strangers, they will remain aloof. They will then relax after determining that the stranger means no harm.

    In spite of the breed being a great family dog, it is important to be careful when introducing it to small pets like cats, rodents and rabbits. The breed was initially bred to hunt small animals and the presence of such pets may trigger its instincts. You need to socialize the breed with the small family pets and with children and always be present to supervise.

    The Ibizan Hound puppies San Diego are pack leaders in nature. This means introducing a new dog to the household will not be a problem. The dog believes humans are its pack leader. When introducing a new family member, it is important that you socialize the dog with him or her slowly. If introducing a large dog, take time to introduce the two in a pack walk.

    The Ibizan Hound puppy San Diego loves human companion and will not do well in a kennel. You will, however, need to introduce yourself as the pack leader. You will also need to socialize, train and exercise the dog.


    Being a hardy and strong dog, you can expect fewer health issues. Common problems include allergic reactions, nerve and muscle disease, seizures, deafness, cataract and retinal dysplasia. You need to make regular appointments with the vet in order to avoid most of these problems.


    It is easy to care for the coat of the San Diego Ibizan Hound puppy. Occasional brushing will be enough. However, the smooth coat might need hand plucking to get rid of dead hairs. At least 2 daily walks will be enough for the day.

    Average Size

    Height: 22 to 29 inches

    Weight: 42 to 55 pounds

    Life expectancy

    10 to 12 years

    Typical use

    Family dog

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