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Greyhound Puppies

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    Greyhound Puppies

    Most people know the Greyhound mainly as a racing dog. It has a streamlined body that enables it to move very fast when running. Initially, it was bred to course game. Over time, its role changed. Today, the Greyhound puppies San Diego are bred to be used as show dogs or as family pets. They are considered for their gentleness and high intelligence. They also have long and power legs, a flexible spine, slim build and a deep chest all of which enables it to reach a racing speed of up to 39 miles per hour. The only other animal that can accelerate at a faster rate than the Greyhound is the cheetah.


    The San Diego Greyhound puppies have short hair hence easy to maintain. Today, there are about 30 recognized colors that are accepted on the breed. The most common color variations include brindle, white, black, fawn, blue, red and gray. These colors may appear in combination. The breed is mainly recognized by its skull which is long when compared to the breadth. The muzzle is also elongated.

    The speed of the Greyhound puppy San Diego is as a result of the breed having long legs and light but muscular build. The dog also has a large heart and the fastest muscle twitch of all breeds. The spine is also extremely flexible.

    The frame of the Greyhound is sleek and very muscular. The breed is sinewy and swift in appearance. The small ears are folded. The eyes are both dark and intelligent. The neck is long and somewhat angular and slopes to the broad chest. The tail is often cropped.


    The Greyhound puppies San Diego are mainly considered because they are not aggressive. Even when they are adopted as pets, this breed always loves to run. They hence do best with a sizeable backyard. If not, they will require daily long walks and runs to shed off their excess natural energy. You should, however, keep them on a leash at all times when outdoors. This is because they have an instinct to chase small animals.

    If planning on being away from home for long, then the San Diego Greyhound puppies are not the best for you. They love human companion and need attention to be happy and healthy. If you can get a dog companion for the Greyhound, that would be great.

    In general, the Greyhound puppies San Diego craves attention and family time. If everybody is gathered in the living room, the Greyhound will want to be in the room. They are good with strangers but not the type that jumps about when someone comes in. They are hence a perfect choice if you are looking for a watchdog.


    The breed is prone to bloat and a range of hereditary illnesses.


    The best care is to feed the San Diego Greyhound puppy in small several meals in a day other than a single heavy meal. This will prevent bloating. Grooming is easy since the breed is not a heavy shedder. Training and socializing should also be done.

    Average Size

    Height: 27 to 30 inches

    Weight: 60 to 88 pounds

    Typical Use

    Show dog and a family pet

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