Puppy Adoption – Common Behavior Problems to Expect in a Puppy

A puppy adoption in San Diego always brings a lot of excitement. You get the chance to get a new family member that will be loyal to you for the rest of his life. Even so, there are certain problems you need to be prepared for. In this article, we shall be looking at the most common puppy behavior problems that you can expect after an adoption.

After a dog adoption, you will need to get ready for such forms of vocalization like whining and barking. This is very common especially for the puppies. Even so, if the barking is excessive, it can be annoying. Just like toddlers, dogs bark to communicate. When addressing the issue of whining or barking, you need to consider the likelihood of there being a good reason for the barking.

In most cases, dogs bark to express boredom, anxiety, excitement or simply to get your attention. Barking may also be a way of sounding a warning or response to other dogs. Withholding attention or a firm reprimand such as ‘No’ will be effective in stopping the barking. If barking is being brought about by boredom, you should consider investing in pet cameras that come with treat dispenser. Toys will also come in handy to both distract and entertain your dog.

In most cases, biting and nipping is not meant to be aggressive. Often, puppies will use their mouth to explore their world. However, if this habit goes unchecked after a dog rescue in San Diego, it can get worse. Untrained puppies can learn dangerous behaviors. Don’t respond to biting/nipping by jerking your hand. You should respond with a clear ‘ouch’ and remove your hand from his mouth.

Chewing is a very natural behavior for dogs. This becomes a problem when they start chewing items in your house. Teething is the main cause of chewing in puppies because of curiosity and teething. Anxiety and boredom will also cause a dog to result to chewing. Regardless of the reason, you need to get your dog to stop chewing. A firm command that tells the dog that the habit is inappropriate should be the first thing you do. You should then provide him with something nice to chew.

Separation anxiety
Dogs crave company. When they miss you they will claw your furniture and bark relentlessly. This is something you need to get ready for when considering a puppy rescue. This anxiety will decrease with time. You can, however, reduce the anxiety by keeping your puppy active with toys such as interactive pet cameras. You can also leave him in a crate to keep him out of trouble.

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