Popular Family Friendly Dogs You Should Consider in a Puppy Adoption

A puppy adoption in San Diego gives you the chance of giving a dog a permanent home. This is, however, not a decision you should ever make lightly. This is particularly so if you are considering a family dog. In this post, we shall be taking a quick look at the most popular family-friendly dogs you can consider picking in a dog shelter.

Golden retriever
If you need the perfect farm dog, the Golden Retriever will make a great choice. This is the option most families make in a dog adoption. The reason for this is because this breed is confident, smart, kind and very loyal. It is neither timid nor aggressive. It is a very patient breed that is a great match for children.

The reason why this breed is perfect for the farm life is because it requires lots of exercising. It actually does best with a job. The best thing is that he loves to play and this can help shed off the excess energy.

Labrador retriever
Another great option for a farm dog is the Labrador retriever. This is a very playful, loving, patient, reliable and protective breed. It makes a great choice in a dog rescue in San Diego. It is good to note that this breed is very intelligent and easy to train. Just like the Golden retriever, you have to be ready for lots of exercises. They love swimming too. You will love the stamina, strength and obedience of the Labrador retriever.

This is a breed best known for its distinctive haircuts. It is a gentle and very smart dog. You can find both standard and miniature sizes in a shelter. Feel free to pick the specific size that works best for you. The beauty of this breed is that it is cute and great with kids. What is more is that they shed very little. This means they will be great for kids with allergies.

Irish setter
If you want a unique dog, the Irish setter will be a good choice in a puppy rescue. The dog has a red coat and is very playful. It enjoys being around people and loves playing with kids. This is a dog breed that loves so much human company that it hates being alone. They are at their best behavior when surrounded by family. Lots of exercises are needed.

There are many more breeds that you can go with. Additional ones worth mentioning are the Vizsla, Newfoundland, Collie, Bull Terrier, Beagle and the Bull Dog. Make sure you understand the temperament and care needs of each breed before proceeding with a puppy adoption in San Diego.

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