How to Get Your House Ready After a Puppy Adoption

Prior to bringing him home after a puppy adoption in San Diego, it is imperative that you get your house ready. This will include a number of things which include sealing the garbage cans and eliminating all the dangerous decorations. You will also need to keep the toxic foods, unfriendly pet plans and other dangerous household items out of paw’s reach. Here are a couple of suggestions you should consider using when getting your house ready for a new canine companion.

Get him a bed
It is obvious that your new pet will need somewhere to sleep. After a dog adoption and before you bring him home, you need to get him a cozy bed. You will also need to pick a room for him. Pets are more likely to keep off your furniture if they have a cozy and attractive alternative.  For the first night, the new puppy might be disoriented and might end up making a mess. The best place for him should be a room that is easy to clean. The kitchen will be a good place to place his bed.

Confine your new dog to one place when you are away
You will be amazed by how much mess an uncomfortable puppy can cause. He will knock over anything and chew through your furniture and walls. To keep him from causing immense damages to your home or harming himself, you need to confine him to one room or spot while you are away. You can use dog crates and gates to keep him in one place. You need to do that until him house manners earn unsupervised freedom. You can get help from the shelter on how to treat him after a puppy rescue.

Provide ‘legal’ things for him to chew
Chewing things doesn’t refer to food. Over feeding your dog will cause more problems than just weight gain. For the legal chewing things, you need to get him toys. Get him attractive bones and toys to chew on. They will keep him busy and also make his teeth strong. Without toys, he will tend to gnaw on your valuables.

Understand his care needs
Last but not least, before you go ahead with a dog rescue in San Diego, it is critical that take the time to understand the requirements of the breed you are going for. Some shed more while others need to be fed with care and so on. The more you learn about the breed the better.

With the right care, dogs are very social animals that will liven up your life. You just need to be sure that you are ready to go ahead with the dog adoption in San Diego. Dog ownership is not for everyone so tread carefully.

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