Dog Adoption – How to Adopt a Dog that is Right for You

A dog adoption in San Diego when you already have kids can be a daunting process. You don’t want to bring home a dog that will keep biting or knocking your kids down. You need a breed that will fit in smoothly and one that will be good with your kids. There are a number of things you need to do when adopting a dog when you have kids in your home.

Start by training your kids
This is obviously the first step you need to take. You have to teach your kids how to interact with the dog. This has to be done before going through with a puppy adoption. Prior to the adoption, you have to make sure that your children know how to approach and treat the new dog. Teach them to treat the dog with respect and touch him gently.

Adopt an adult dog
As much as puppies are great because you will forge in them the behavior that you want, they are not perfect for kids. Puppies have razor-sharp teeth and they can easily injure the kids. The best option is to go with an adult dog. This is a dog older than 3 years. From a good shelter, you will get a dog that has already been trained and one that is well-behaved. It is also possible to find a dog in a dog rescue in San Diego that has already been socialized with kids. The best thing about an adult dog is that it is easy to tell if it is good with kids or not before an adoption.

Learn about the breed
Just because you are going for an adult dog does not mean he will automatically fit in your home. How well it fits will depend on his temperament. It is for this reason that you need to take some time to learn more about the traits of the dog. Learn about its temperament, health issues, exercise requirements, and everything you can about him. Some breeds are great with children while others are not. Make sure you understand this fact before going through with an adoption or a rescue.

With your research on dog breeds, you will be able to tell which one is best for your family and which one is not. Some popular breeds that are great with kids are:

  • Poodles
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Mixed Breed or Mutts

The rule of thumb is to learn as much as you can about a breed before you continue with a dog or puppy rescue. Not every dog out there will be good for you leave alone being good for your kids.

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