5 Essential Supplies for a New Dog Owner

It’s a noble thing to go through with a dog adoption in San Diego. You will not only save the dog from being euthanized but also create room for other dogs to be rescued. It is also more affordable to adopt than it is to get a dog from a breeder or pet store. You should also note that with an adoption you will be able to find just any dog you are looking for. However, if you have already found the dog to bring home and finished up with the paperwork, there are a few things you will need to get.

Microchip and ID tags

It is not uncommon to find a dog that is already micro-chipped in the animal shelter. However, it is good to set aside money for the microchip and ID tags. Safety must be a priority and the last thing you want is for your new dog to run away and end up on the streets again. When your dog is micro-chipped you will be able to find him if he ever runs off. The ID tag will also tell the person that finds him what his name is and where he lives. You should plan for micro-chipping immediately after a puppy adoption.

Pet insurance

Taking your dog to the vet is not cheap. This is why you should consider getting pet insurance. To most people getting an insurance cover is not obvious thing. The best thing about insuring your dog is that you will be able to avoid the high medical expenses especially if he has a pre-existing health condition. Compare the insurance covers and pick one that offers everything that you need to give your dog the best care. You must also make sure that your preferred vet accepts insurance from the company you get insurance from.

Puppy kindergarten

It is highly recommended to enroll your dog in a puppy socialization class immediately after a puppy rescue in San Diego. Doing so will help set the stage for a lifetime of behavioral successes. If you can’t find a good puppy kindergarten in your area, you can hire an experienced trainer to train and socialize your dog. This has to happen as soon as you bring him home. Puppy kindergarten will expose your puppy to various places, people, dogs and sounds. Doing this early enough will help prevent behavioral problems later on.

High quality toys

Toys can keep your dog from chewing on your furniture and from getting bored. Toys will leave your dog stimulated and also keep him from being troublesome. The best toys, especially when leaving your dog alone, are those stuffed with treats. They will keep your dog engaged.


Last but not least, your dog will have to be crate trained. You have to buy a good crate immediately after a dog rescue. You can get a wire, cloth or plastic crate. The best crate for homes is the wire crate. Crate training should start immediately.

These are the essential items you must get before bringing your new dog home. The staffs in the animal shelter will let you know if there are other things that you will need.

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