2 Questions to Help Determine if a Dog Adoption is Right for You

dog adoptionA dog adoption is one of the best channels you can use to bring home a best friend that will remain by your side all his life. Unfortunately, not everyone is fit to be a dog owner. The last thing you want is to learn that you are not a good dog owner when you have already made the investment. Breaking the bond you will have created with your new best friend will not be easy. You also don’t want to take the puppy through the emotional distress of finding someone else to love him. The good news, however, is that there are a few questions you can answer to determine if you are poised to be a dog owner or not.

Will you be available?
Prior to going for a puppy rescue, it is good to note that owning a puppy is the same as having a baby. The puppy will require your time not just in feeding and grooming but it will also need your company. The important question to ask here is if you will be home and have the time to commit to caring for your new companion.

If nobody is ever home, the puppy will get lonely and there will be nobody to exercise him. In the long run, you will start noticing behavioral problems. If you travel a lot, a puppy adoption will not be a good idea for you. You don’t want to keep troubling your neighbors to care for your dog for the duration will not be home. If this is the case, you will notice your dog having affection for your neighbors than for you.

A puppy adoption requires that you be there to socialize your dog, feed him, groom him and take him to the vet. Depending on your dog breed, there will be times when your dog needs more attention. This is particularly so when he starts shedding.

Can you afford a dog?
This is the second question you need to answer. A pure breed costs a significant amount of money. They cost hundreds and at times thousands of dollars. Make sure you have the money set aside for that. In addition to that, you will need money for dog food, dog training, vaccinations and regular visits to the vet. The costs can go up. If you feel you don’t have the money, it is good not to go for a dog rescue.

As an aspiring dog owner, you need to do the math to understand the cost of owning a dog. You must also note that the costs can go up over time.

With that being said, don’t just focus on the cuteness of the dog but also the maintenance requirements. You don’t want your new best friend to be the cause of your stress. Make a calculated decision and only go for a dog adoption if you are confident you can give him the care he needs.

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