Why You Should Adopt a Mixed Dog Breed

When it comes to any dog adoption in San Diego, most people are interested solely in the pure breeds. As a result, the mixed-breeds end up being euthanized when they don’t find a forever home. If you are thinking about getting a dog, you should not be afraid of the mixed breeds. They are wonderful dogs too. Here are the three reasons why you should adopt a mixed breed dog.

One of a kind
All dogs are unique including the purebred ones. With the purebred dogs, you will notice that each dog has its own unique personality and will show minor differences in behavior and appearance. However, if you go with a mixed-breed dog, you will notice that he is one of a kind. Even if you meet a similar dog, no two mixed-breed dogs are the same. The mixed breed dog stands out. You will leave people guessing what breed your dog is.

With most animal shelters, as you consider the puppy adoption of a mixed breed, there is a good chance you will be told the breeds that make him. Alternatively you can get an affordable DNA testing that helps identify the several dog breeds. Although the DNA test is not 100% accurate, it will give you an idea on what to expect in relation to temperaments. Whether you know the origin of your dog or not, a mixed-breed dog will be a special addition to your family. You will never find another dog like him.

Worth the gamble
The fear most adopters have is that mixed-breed dogs are predisposed to hereditary problems. This used to be true a while back. Today dogs in the animal shelter are thoroughly screened to ensure they are healthy. Chances of getting a sick dog are virtually zero. What is more is that when you consider a mixed breed dog rescue in San Diego, you will most likely never have to deal with breed-specific hereditary health and behavioral issues. If your dog is a mix of Labrador, for example, he might still get hip dysplasia but chances of that happening are less likely because the Labrador breed is ‘diluted’. 

All things considered, the mysteries of mixed-breed dogs are very exciting. You must be prepared for a couple of surprises as your dog grows.

Available and affordable
Last but not least, adopting a mixed-breed dog is less expensive than getting a pure breed. You simply need to find a reputable animal shelter or rescue group.

When going for a puppy rescue, always remember that there is no right or wrong when going with a mixed-breed or a purebred. You just need to follow your heart. Your life will be changed regardless of the dog you adopt.

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