Typical Application Process for a Dog Adoption

The first step in a dog adoption in San Diego is to identify an animal shelter. Find one with a good reputation. The second step is to compile a list of dog breeds that will be most suitable for you. Once you are done with these two steps, the next step is to head to the animal shelter. There is a process that is involved in adopting a dog. Each animal shelter is unique. In this post, we shall be looking at the typical process.

Contact the animal shelter
The first step is obviously to contact the organization. If you are interested in a dog rescue organization, you can simply call them by phone or send an email. You should note that unlike animal shelters, most rescue organizations don’t have facilities where you can tour and meet with the dog. Such organizations place the rescued dogs with foster families. Once you contact them, you will be taken to the foster family that is living with the dog.

Fill out the application
You will be required to fill out an application. You may be required to fill out the application even before you meet with the dog. This is normally done to weed out dogs that will not fit your family environment. The application provided by rescue organizations is similar to the one you fill at an animal shelter. However, more open-minded questions will be asked and deeper explanations may be needed. You may be required to answer questions regarding your reaction on certain animal behavior.

Whether you are adopting through an animal shelter or a rescue organization, here are some of the fields you can expect to find on the application form:

  • Name, address, and contact information
  • Ages and relations of everyone in your home
  • Where you live and if you rent or own your home
  • Proof that dogs are allowed in your home
  • If anyone in the household suffers a pet allergy
  • Previous pet history
  • Number and type of pets that you have at the moment; their ages and medical history
  • Amount you can afford to pay in vet bills
  • Your view on taking the dog back to the shelter

Begin the interview
The submission of the application form kick starts the dog or puppy adoption process in San Diego. The process varies from one shelter to the next. It may include a phone interview as well as home visits. A staff will visit your home to meet with your family and assess the conduciveness of your home. Afterwards you will be invited to meet with your preferred dog. When the appropriate dog is found, you pay the adoption fee and take the dog home.

The process of a puppy rescue is never a quick one. It may take weeks or even months depending on the circumstances. The important thing is to be patient.

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