Three Crucial Steps to Take in a Puppy Adoption

A puppy adoption in San Diego is not a process you should rush. It can be hard to know what you are getting when you adopt a shelter dog. Some dogs have been abused and will be aggressive or reserved while others are not pure breeds. When it comes to the adoption, you have to be very cautious prior to making the decision. In this article, we shall be taking a quick look at the three most important steps you will have to take when considering an adoption.

Know what you want
Long before you start searching for a great shelter to adopt from, you need to identify your needs. What do you need a dog for? Are you looking for a companion dog or a working dog? Do you need a guard dog or a breed that will be great with your kids? These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself before considering a dog adoption. Sincere answers to these questions will help you know the dog breed that will be perfect for you and your family.

In addition to that, you need to determine if you are interested in an adult dog or a puppy. Both options shave their pros and cons and you will be provided with the two options in a dog shelter. Understand the pros and cons before going with this option.

Research the dog breed
Once you know what you are looking for in a dog, you can go ahead and compile a list of the dog breeds that will fit your lifestyle. For example, if you are targeting the German shepherd, you will need to learn more about its temperament, life expectancy, health risks, grooming needs, excising needs and so on. The more you learn about a dog breed the more informed your choice will be.

If you are considering a dog rescue in San Diego, you should not that you will not be able to get as much information about the dog as you would want. This is more so because you might not be able to meet the dog’s mother. You can, however, ask the staffs at the shelter for more information about the dog and how it behaves.

Find a shelter
The third step is that of finding a great animal shelter to adopt a dog from. There are so many shelters out there. You will find the shelters with the open-intake option which means they accept both dogs and cats and those with limited-intake meaning they only accept dogs. Don’t forget to read the information cards on the kennels to see if the dogs have a name or just a number. Online reviews and recommendations from people who have gone through with a puppy rescue will also help you find a good rescue center or animal shelter.

The three steps will guide you as you adopt a dog for the first time. The rule of thumb, however, is to do as much research as you can. The more you learn about the dog the better.

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