Things You Have to Start Doing Immediately After a Dog Adoption

The process of a dog adoption in San Diego is a strict one. The animal shelter wants to make sure the dog ends up in a good family that will love and care for him. This is why not everyone that submits an application succeeds. However, now that you have qualified and have been allowed to take the dog home, there are a couple of things you will need to start doing right away.

Bond with him
One thing you will notice with your dog after an adoption is that he will be somewhat afraid of you. This is common. Some dogs suffered trauma before they were rescued by the animal shelter. You need to give your dog time to warm up to you. Despite that, you have to show him love while at the same time give him space. The process has to be gradual and it might take days or even weeks depending on the history of a dog.

Transition the food gradually
During a puppy adoption, you need to ask the team at the shelter about what they have been feeding him. You should continue giving your dog the same food he has been used to. Transitioning to new food is something you should do gradually over a period of at least 10 days. Gradual food transition ensures that the new food doesn’t hurt the dog’s tummy.

Start training
Dog training is something you have to start immediately. The training should start by showing him the toilet area. After getting him home, take him to the designated toilet area and give him time to familiarize himself with the area. You should then take him there every 30 minutes and praise him when he relieves himself in the designated area. Immediately after a dog rescue in San Diego, you should also start teaching him basic commands and also loose-leash-walking. Advanced training can follow once the dog gets comfortable in your home.

Schedule a visit to the vet
You have to take your dog to the vet within a few days after getting him home. Doing so helps establish a relationship with the vet and opens good lines of communication. An early visit to the vet guarantees that when the dog gets sick, the vet will have a better idea of his overall health.

Introduce him to other pets
If you already have pets, you need to introduce the new dog to them gradually. The last thing you want after a puppy rescue is for the puppy to kill your pet rabbit or get killed by bigger dogs. Always supervise the dog’s interactions with other pets. 

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