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Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

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     Yorkshire Terrier Puppies


    The Yorkshire terrier is basically a small dog. It has a small head flat on the top paired with a medium sized muzzle. This toy sized dog also has medium sized eyes which are dark with dark rims. Its erect ears form a v-shape. The teeth meet in a level or scissors bite. When viewed from the front, the legs of the puppy appear straight. Often, dewclaws are removed and the tail docked to a medium length.

    New born Yorkshire puppies have tan points on their muzzle, above their eyes, round the feet and inside the ears as well as beneath the tail. Some are born with a ‘Star’ on toes and on the chest. If the parents of the Yorkshire terrier puppies had a red tint on the coat, they can pass the trait to the puppies.

    Most of the colors on the newborn puppy fade with time. After a few months, the puppy can develop the glossy coat which is fine and silky. The coat falls on either sides of the Yorkshire puppies’ body. The puppies usually have a blue tail and body whereas the rest of the dog is tan. Today, you can get the puppy in brown black and tan colors. What is more is that the puppy has a lot of head hair. Some people opt to trimming or holding it back in a band.


    The Yorkie is believed to have been created by north England’s working men. It was used to catch rats and mice in clothing mills and mines. The dog was also used to penetrate fox and badger burrows. At first, due to their being bred with other local breeds, the Yorkshire terrier was much bigger than the present day dogs. It is after years of selective breeding that the today’s small dog came into being.


    The Yorkshire terry is an energetic dog that seems oblivious of its small size. It is eager for adventure, brave, loyal and clever. However, absent proper training or attention, the energetic Yorkshire terrier puppies can be aggressive towards strangers, strange dogs and other small animals. The puppies basically have a terrier habit and require attention. All in all, they are easy to train and adhere to the set boundaries by the pack leader (the owner).

    The puppies are suit for apartment life. They are active and do not need a yard. The Yorkshire also prefers warm climates.

    Average height and weight

    Height: 6 – 7 inches

    Weight: 7 pounds

    Health Problems

    The Yorkshire terrier puppies are prone to bronchitis, early tooth decay, eye infections, slipped stifle, delicate digestion and poor anesthetic tolerance. Falls and knocks can lead to the fracturing of fragile bones. A good way to avoid teeth problems is to feed the dog with dry food or a bone to chew on. This will keep its teeth strong and clean. A frequent visit to the vet will further eliminate health issues.

    Typical use

    The Yorkshire terrier puppies in San Diego can be purchased for companion. They are sociable and can be trusted with children.

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