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Vizsla Puppies

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    Vizsla Puppies

    The Vizsla is a dog breed that originated in Hungary. It belongs to the Pointer Group (FCI group). This dog is widely considered as a sporting dog and it is a very loyal companion. It is the shortest of all pointer-retriever breeds. The most appealing characteristic of the San Diego Vizsla puppies is its medium size. It was initially used to hunt game and has earned a position among the sporting dogs over the years. It is considered as a perfect companion and family dog. Before you buy this dog breed, it is important to look at a few details about it.


    As aforementioned, the Vizsla puppy San Diego grows into a medium sized hunting dog. It has a strong body that is a bit longer than it is tall. The skull is slightly domed, lean and muscular and is wider between the ears. The muzzle tapers gradually towards the nose and it is the same length as the skull. The nose is usually flesh colored and in contrast with the coat. The neck is quite strong and does not have dewlap. The teeth make a level bite. The eyes are medium in size and have a color that is in contrast with that of the coat. The ears are long and silky thin and hang down close to the dog’s cheeks. The ears have rounded tips.

    The tail of the San Diego Vizsla puppies is thick at the base and is docked by 2/3 of its natural length. The front legs are straight and have catlike feet. Dewclaws are removed. The coat is short and smooth and is tight fitting on the whole body. The coat colors are rusty gold in a range of shades.


    Generally speaking, the San Diego Vizsla puppies are gentle, loving and expressive. They are very keen and trainable to a very high degree. The dog is very intelligent and will need both mental and physical exercises. It is recommended to a master that is patient, firm and calm. If you are a weak pack leader, the dog will become stubborn. Other than that, it is reliable with children and loves to play for hours. The dog needs daily exercises to shed the excess natural energy that may cause him to develop behavioral problems. It is good with other dogs.

    The San Diego Vizsla puppies need to be socialized with people, dogs, places, noises and with other animals. They also need obedience training. Finally, in spite of their being great with other pets, they should not be trusted with the non-canine animals like rabbits and guinea pigs.


    The breed is only prone to hip dysplasia.


    The Vizsla puppy San Diego will need daily long walks or jogs. Taking time to play with him will also be of great help. The coat is easy to groom and needs brushing and shampooing occasionally. You need also to trim the nails. This dog is an average shedder.

    Average size

    Height: 20 to 26 inches

    Weight: 40 to 60 pounds

    Life expectancy

    12 to 15 years

    Typical use

    The Vizsla puppies San Diego are mainly used as household companions and as family dogs. They are also used in hunting and as sporting dogs.

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