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Standard Schnauzer Puppies

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    Standard Schnauzer Puppies

    The Standard Schnauzer is the original breed of the three breeds of Schnauzer. Despite its having a wiry coat, it is closely related to the British terriers. It originated from the old herding and guarding dog breeds in Europe. It is classified generally as a utility or working dog. It is very robust, squarely built and medium in size. The breed is mainly distinguished by its long beards and eyebrows. They are a lovely dog breed to bring home.


    The San Diego Standard Schnauzer puppies are of a medium size and are squarely built. They resemble the Giant Schnauzer but for their small size. Their skull is moderately broad and has a slight stop. The head is long and rectangular in shape. The nose is large and the lips are black in color. The teeth make a level bite. The eyes are oval in shape, medium in size and are normally dark brown in color. The ears are high set and are either cropped or left natural.

    The back is straight and has a sloping top-line. The fore legs are straight. The tail is high set and is often docked by 1 to 2 inches. Dewclaws may be removed. The feet are small and compact with black colored nails. The double coat of the Standard Schnauzer puppy San Diego is dense, wiry and has a hard outer coat. The undercoat is soft. The hairs on the dog’s back stand slightly up. The eyebrows and beard has long and coarse bushy whiskers. The main coat colors are solid black and pepper and salt.


    The Standard Schnauzer puppies San Diego make a perfect guard and watch dog. They are lively and never restless when given adequate exercises. In addition to that, they are spunky, enthusiastic and very affectionate. The dog loves human company and makes great travel companions. They are intelligent and have a high learning rate. However, if the owner does not present himself as a confident and consistent pack leader, the dog may develop behavioral problems. It may become hyper protective and dominant and may also start guarding places, objects as well as people. If you are planning on adopting the San Diego Standard Schnauzer puppies, you must be prepared to train them from an early age, exercise them sufficiently and be a strong pack leader.


    The Standard Schnauzer puppy San Diego grows into a very healthy dog. However, you need to watch out for such minor concerns as tumors and hip dysplasia.


    The San Diego Standard Schnauzer puppy are very energetic dogs. They will need daily long walks and jogs. They will also enjoy some time to run free. When walking him, never allow him to walk in front because this will cause him to think that he is the pack leader. The coat is easy to groom. The dog will need daily combing and brushing to avoid mating. The coat needs clipping at least once a year. It sheds little to no hair.

    Average size

    Height: 17 to 20 inches

    Weight: 30 to 45 pounds

    Life expectancy

    15 years

    Typical use

    Companion dog

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