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Spinone Italiano Puppies

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    Spinone Italiano Puppies

    Just as the name implies, the Spinone Italiano is an Italian dog breed. It was initially bred as a gun dog. To this day, the breed still serves as a versatile gun dog though it is widely adopted as a family dog. It is highly considered by most people because of its loyalty, friendliness and alertness. Its coat is wiry and close lying. This ancient dog breed can be traced as far back as 500 BC. It was traditionally used for pointing, hunting and retrieving game. The intelligence of the San Diego Spinone Italiano puppies further makes them ideal as companion dogs.


    The Spinone Italiano puppies San Diego are also known as the Italian Spinone, Italian Griffon or simply as the Spinone. This is a large and rugged looking dog with a very long head. It has a square muzzle which is of equal length to the skull. There is a slight stop. The breed has large nostrils. The nose is flesh colored in the white dogs and darker in orange and white dogs and brown in the brown dogs. The teeth make a level bite. The ears are triangular shaped and hanging. The chest is broad and deep and extends to the elbows. Dewclaws are removed.

    The San Diego Spinone Italiano puppies have a wiry coat that is dense and thick. The coat comes in sold white, white & orange, orange roan and brown roan colors. The coat may have markings of brown or orange.


    The Spinone Italiano puppy San Diego is known for its great stamina and strength. It is suited for hunting in practically all climates and terrains. The dog is extremely intelligent, un-beat, enthusiastic, happy and generally pleasant and easy going. It has no problem being treated as the low ranking member of the family. Out in the field, he will be very serious but he will have a clownish side that makes him entertaining when not working. The breed is never whiny or bossy. This is unless it has a meek pack leader.

    The San Diego Spinone Italiano puppies love kids. However, the kids must be taught to display leadership skills and not to play rough with the dog. The breed will get along well with other animals. It will enjoy the company of another dog. The Spinone Italiano is very patient but this should not be taken for granted.  You should socialize, train and exercise him properly.


    The Spinone Italiano puppies San Diego do not suffer from hip dysplasia. Minor concerns include bloating, Cerebellar Ataxia and abnormal gait. Generally, this is a very healthy dog breed.


    The San Diego Spinone Italiano puppy when fully grown will make a great jogging companion. It will need daily walks and some time to play in an open yard. Grooming requires stripping as opposed to cutting. Weekly brushing will also be sufficient. Bathing should be done when absolutely necessary.

    Average size

    Height: 22 to 28 inches

    Weight: 61 to 85 pounds

    Life expectancy

    12 years

    Typical use

    A family dog as well as a working dog

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