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Smooth Fox Terrier Puppies

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    Smooth Fox Terrier Puppies

    The Smooth Fox Terrier was first bred in the fox terrier family. It has a unique body and it is not a very popular breed today. As a result, it is an ideal choice for people looking for a unique puppy. The breed is significant because of the many terriers that descended from it. The origin of this breed is poorly documented but it is believed to have originated from England. The first evidence of the breed came into being in 1790 when it was painted by a Colonel Thornton. If you are considering the Smooth Fox Terrier puppy San Diego, it is wise to learn a few things about it.


    The San Diego Smooth Fox Terrier puppies grow into medium sized dogs. They have a flat skull that narrows moderately to the eyes. Its stop is slight. The muzzle tapers gradually to the black nose. The teeth must make a level/ scissors bite. The eyes and the eye rims should be dark. The ears are small and v-shaped and drop forward; hanging close to the cheeks. The neck is both muscular and thick. The legs are straight. The tail is set high and is normally docked to leave ¾ of its original length. The coat is flat and smooth; it should be dense and abundant. The coat is mainly white with brown or black markings.


    The San Diego Smooth Fox Terrier puppies grow into dogs that are both bold and brave. The breed is lovable, cheerful, playful and enthusiastic. It is great with kids. To the family, it is loyal, devoted and affectionate. It truly enjoys the company of its family.

    The breed has a high hunting instinct. As a result, it will hunt and kill other non-K-9 animals such as birds and rabbits. The dog should hence be kept properly leashed or in an enclosed area because it will always go out to explore. All in all, if it is properly socialized, it will be okay with other family pets.

    The breed has a high natural energy, it is relatively dominant and can easily become frustrated or stressed when not given sufficient exercises. The breed requires both mental and physical exercises. Additionally, you need to be 100% firm and consistent as a pack leader else it will develop the Small Dog Syndrome. Start training and socializing your San Diego Smooth Fox Terrier puppies from an early age.


    The Smooth Fox Terrier puppies San Diego are relatively healthy. However, there are some minor concerns which include mast cell tumors, post-nasal drip, distichiasis, lens luxation, Legg-Perthes diseases and shoulder dislocation.


    The dog needs mental and physical exercises. This can be achieved with daily pack walks and jogs. Never let him walk in front. You should also give him time to run around in a safe area. The short coat is easy to groom. You should brush it and only shampoo when absolutely necessary. The breed sheds twice annually.

    Average size

    Height: 14 to 16 inches

    Weight: 15 to 20 pounds

    Life expectancy

    15 years

    Typical use

    Family pet

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