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Silky Terrier Puppies

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    Silky Terrier Puppies

    The Silky Terrier is also referred to as the Sydney terrier. It is a small, fine boned and moderately low set dog. It is longer than it is tall and has a level top line. Most people consider this dog breed for its intelligence, cheerfulness and sociability. It is one of the most remarkable dog breeds to have around if you are looking for a small sized dog to associate with. However, before you buy the San Diego Silky Terrier puppies, it is critical that you learn a few things about the breed. This will help a lot in decision making.


    The Silky Terrier puppy San Diego has a wedge shaped head that is flat between the ears. The skull is longer than the muzzle. It has a shallow stop and the nose is black. The teeth make a level bite. The eyes are almond shaped and dark in color. The eye rims are dark. The ears are always erect, V-shaped and high set. The fore legs are straight and have catlike feet. The tail is high set and is customary docked. Docking of the tail is illegal in Europe. The dewclaws are at times removed.

    The Silky Terrier puppies San Diego are mainly distinguished by their long and silky single coat. The coat hairs measures 5 to 6 inches in length. The coat comes in shades of blue with some red or tan markings. The hair is normally parted down at the center of the dog’s back. It is important to note that the Silky Terriers are born black. Their color changes as they mature. Additionally, you need to understand that the coat is prone to tangles and mats hence need frequent grooming.


    The San Diego Silky Terrier puppies are intelligent, loving alert and courageous. They are also spunky, affectionate, sociable and very cheerful. The dog loves being close to its master. It is also an enthusiastic digger. They are considered to be active, smart and very quick. Despite its small dog, this docile dog makes a great watchdog. It also adjusts well to travelling.

    On the flipside, the Silky Terrier puppies San Diego should not be trusted with the non-canine pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. They will also need to be socialized sufficiently with the cats. They are great with children so long as the pack leader is not meek. The dog is always eager to learn. However, you should watch out for the small dog syndrome.


    Minor health concerns include elbow dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease, Legg Perthes and patellar luxation.


    The San Diego Silky Terrier puppy are full of energy and need daily walks. Considering the rate at which its coat mats and tangles, it will need daily brushing and combing. It will also need regular bathing to keep its hair in top condition. The breed sheds little to no hair.

    Average size

    Height: 9 to 10 inches

    Weight: 8 to 11 pounds

    Life expectancy

    12 to 15 years

    Typical use

    Companion dog

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