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Scottish Terrier Puppies

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    Scottish Terrier Puppies

    The Scottish Terrier is also known as the Aberdeen Terrier or the Scottie. It is one of the five breed originated in Scotland. It is an independent and rugged dog breed that has a wiry coat. Its undercoat is soft and dense. The modern day breed is believed to trace its origin from a single female known as the Splinter II. Today, this dog is highly considered as a family dog because of its unique looks and distinctive shape. Even so, if you are considering buying the San Diego Scottish Terrier puppies, it is critical that you learn a few things about this dog breed.


    In appearance, the Scottish Terrier puppies San Diego grow into short dogs with short legs. The way the breed is groomed can affect its height even further. Its head is long but proportional to its body. It has a long skull that is somewhat domed and medium in length. The eyes are almond shaped and are set apart. The ears are always erect and pointed and are well set on the head. The muzzle length is equal to the length of the head.

    The Scottish Terrier puppy San Diego will make a level bite. It has a level top-line. Its tail is thick at the base, medium in length and covered in hard hair. The tail is carried slightly curved or straight. The front feet are round in shape and larger than the back feet. The dewclaws are often removed.

    The coat of this breed is compact, course and wiry. The outer coat is as hard as bristles but the undercoat is soft. The dog has longer hairs on the beard, legs, eyebrows, lower body part and on the legs. The main coat colors are black, brindle or wheaten. The chest may have some white.


    One of the reasons the San Diego Scottish Terrier puppies are considered by many as pets is because they are lovable. They are full of character and they are very charming. They are also friendly and playful and grow into dignified adults. Other than that, they are generally alert and brave. They make great watchdogs. The dog will need firm but gentle leaderships else it will become stubborn and dominate the household. It will also need sufficient socialization. If there are family members who have not established leadership over him, he might challenge them. Train your puppies from an early age and establish yourself as a strong pack leader.


    Some lines are prone to Scottie Cramp (this is a movement problem), flea allergy, Von Willebrand’s disease, jaw and skin problems. The breed may also be prone to mast cell tumors.


    With sufficient exercises and socialization, the San Diego Scottish Terrier puppy will be okay in apartment life. They require daily walks. They will enjoy romping in an open area. Their coat requires regular brushing. The dog should be shampooed when absolutely necessary.

    Average size

    Height: 10 to 11 inches

    Weight: 19 to 23 pounds

    Life expectancy

    12 to 15 years

    Typical use

    Family dog

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