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Scottish Deerhound Puppies

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    Scottish Deerhound Puppies

    There is nothing better than having a dog that is loyal, cute and affectionate. The Scottish deerhound puppies San Diego are a perfect choice for anybody looking for a great family dog. This is a hound dog breed that was originally used to hunt red deer. However, as the clan systems diminished in Scotland, the dog was turned into a sporting animal. With time, the dog breed became a common family dog. Today, this breed is used widely as a companion dog.


    The San Diego Scottish Deerhound puppies grow into a dog that is tall and slim. Its coat appears to be rough. In spite of it being slim, it is larger and bigger boned. It has a flat head that is broad between its ears. Its muzzle tapers to some point. The nose is black and at times blue on the blue-fawn dogs. The teeth make a scissors bite. The eyes are normally dark in color or either hazel or brown with black rims.

    The ears of the Scottish deerhound puppy San Diego are high set and are normally folded back. The ears are half-perked when the dog is excited. The breed has a deep chest that is neither broad nor narrow. The fore legs are straight. The long tail is carried low and at times touches the ground.

    The coat is wiry and measures about 3 to 4 inches. It is harsher and longer at the beard, neck, mane, mustache and body. On the head, chest and belly, the coat is softer and shorter. The main coat colors are gray, blue gray, black and brindle, sandy red or red fawn and yellow. The ears and muzzle may at times be black. Some white may be seen on the feet, tail and chest.


    The Scottish Deerhound puppies San Diego are highly considered for being well mannered and gentle. They are both affectionate and polite. The breed is also friendly, loving and great with kids. It is very courageous, dignified, loyal and devoted. All in all, it is not a great watch dog; it loves everybody. To bring the best traits, you need to train the dog from an early age and present yourself as a firm and consistent pack leader. A weak pack leader will make the dog willful and it will develop behavioral problems. The breed is friendly with dogs but should never be left alone with the non-canine pets. Generally speaking, this dog breed is quiet and will seldom bark.


    The breed is prone to bloat. You should hence feed it 2 to 3 small meals instead of one large one. You should also not exercise him vigorously after a meal.


    The Scottish deerhound puppy San Diego will develop into a very active dog. He will therefore need daily long walks and jogs. Making him your jogging companion will be great. The coat needs extensive grooming. Some will require stripping and trimming. The dog is an average shedder and will be okay in an apartment life.

    Average size

    Height: 28 to 32 inches

    Weight: 75 to 110 pounds

    Life expectancy

    Maximum of 10 years

    Typical use

    Family pet

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