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Samoyed Puppies

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    Samoyed Puppies

    The Samoyed takes its name from the Samoyedic people of Siberia. This is a cute looking and calm dog to bring home as a pet. Originally, it was bred by the nomadic reindeer herders to serve as a herding dog and also to pull sleds. In Europe, this dog is also known as the Bjelkier. If you are looking for a unique dog breed, then the San Diego Samoyed puppies will be great for you. Looking at a few points about this breed will help you make an informed choice by determining whether it is the right dog for you or not.


    In appearance, the Samoyed puppy San Diego has a compact and muscular body. It has a wedge shaped head. Its muzzle is proportional to its size and tapers to the nose. It has a well defined stop. The nose colors are brown, liver or black. The lips are also black. The teeth make a level bite.

    The eyes are almond shaped. They are either brown or black in color. Other colors such as blue may occur but are not allowed in show rings. The ears are thick, triangular shaped and covered with profuse fur. The ears are white but may have a light tint of dark brown especially at the tips.

    The main distinguishing feature of the Samoyed puppies San Diego is the tail. The tail is normally curled over the back; touching the back. When it is cold, the dog will sleep with its tail over the nose for additional warmth. When relaxed, the tail will fall. The tail is normally long and profuse coated.

    The San Diego Samoyed puppies have a double coat that is dense and profuse. The topcoat has long, coarse and straight hairs. This hair appears to have a silver coloring. The undercoat is dense, soft and very short and keeps the dog warm. The undercoat sheds heavily once or at times twice a year. Males will have a larger ruff than the females.


    In general, the Samoyed puppy San Diego will grow into a gentle dog. It is devoted, friendly, playful and easygoing. The dog is friendly to everyone including intruders. In spite of its friendliness, its bark will alert you of strangers. It will adapt to the family life and is great with kids. It is intelligent and responds well to training that is firm and where the trainer is patient. To bring the best of your dog, you must be a consistent pack leader that is firm and confident. If left alone, the dog will become destructive.


    The breed is prone to hip dysplasia, skin allergies, PRA and some will suffer from diabetes.


    The Samoyed puppies San Diego will need a reasonable amount of exercise which should include daily walks or jogs. Extensive grooming is needed since the dog is a seasonal heavy shedder. The coat needs frequent brushing.

    Average size

    Height: 19 to 24 inches

    Weight: 35 to 65 pounds

    Life expectancy

    12 to 15 years

    Typical use

    Family dog

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