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Saluki (or Gazelle Hound) Puppies

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    Saluki (or Gazelle Hound) Puppies

    The Saluki is one of the oldest known breeds of the domesticated dog. It is also known by such names as the Royal Dog of Egypt and the Persian Greyhound. This dog traveled with nomadic tribes. They have been used to hunt such animals as ibex, gazelles and hares. The San Diego Saluki puppy is shaped like a sighthound. It comes in two varieties; feathered and smooth. The dog is affectionate and gentle towards its owners.


    The Saluki puppies San Diego grow into a slim greyhound-like dog. It has a long head that is narrow but moderately wide at the ears. The nose is either liver or black in color. The teeth make a scissors bite. The dog has large oval shaped eyes that are hazel to dark in color. The ears are long and mobile and are close to the dog’s head.

    The Saluki puppy San Diego has a long neck and a deep but narrow chest. The fore legs are straight and the feet are thick haired between the toes to protect them when on rough terrains. The tail is long and carried low. The coat is short and has silky feathering on the tail and ears. The coat colors include cream, white, golden, fawn, grizzle, red, tan, black and tricolor or black, white and tan. At top speed, this dog has a very high gait because all its legs are in the air at the same time.


    The San Diego Saluki puppy is considered by most people as a family pet because it is gentle, even tempered, devoted and friendly. It may be aloof even with its family but socialization will help deal with this problem. It is common for this loyal dog to be attached to a single individual in the family. It is great with kids so long as they do not play rough. The dog is sensitive and does not take harsh discipline well. It is an independent dog and will need calm, gentle but consistent and firm training.

    This domesticated dog breed is submissive by nature. It will get along well with both people and other dogs. It is, however, important to understand that this dog can easily be distracted hence the need to be a strong pack leader. The dog needs nothing more than knowing what is expected of him. The natural instinct of the Saluki puppies San Diego is to chase as well as kill the non-canine animals. It is critical that you do some obedience training and socialize him with the house pets.


    The Saluki is affected by genetic eye diseases as well as cancer. It is also prone to sunburns.


    You will need to take your dog out for daily, long and brisk walks or runs. This will make him happy. The coat needs occasional combing and brushing. You should also check the ears for infections and keep them clean. This dog will do best in a firm.

    Average size

    Height: 23 to 28 inches

    Weight: 29 to 66 pounds

    Life expectancy

    10 to 12 years

    Typical use

    Family dog

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