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Saint Bernard Puppies

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    Saint Bernard Puppies

    The Saint Bernard is a dog breed originating from Italy. It is a large working dog that was mainly used for rescue. The dog has been made popular by the tales of alpine rescues. Most people also know it for its large size. If you are considering bringing a San Diego Saint Bernard puppy home, it is critical that you look at a few points about this dog breed.


    In appearance, the Saint Bernard puppy San Diego is a giant, strong and very muscular dog. So long as its weight is proportional to its height, the taller it is the more prized it will be. It has a massive head. Its muzzle is short and wider than it is long. Its teeth make a scissors bite. The nose is broad and has wide open nostrils. Both the nose and lips are black in color. The eyes are medium sized and are dark in color. The ears are high set and medium in size and drop and stand slightly away from the dog’s head. The Saint Bernard puppy San Diego has muscular legs. Its feet are large and have well arched and strong toes. The tail is long, broad and powerful. Dewclaws are normally removed.

    The dog breed has two coat types; smooth and rough. The two are quite dense and come in markings of white in red, tan, brindle, black, and mahogany. The face and the ears are black. The dogs with the rough coats have longer hairs and featherings on both the legs and thighs.


    The San Diego Saint Bernard puppies are gentle, friendly and tolerant of kids. They are generally slow moving, loyal, patient and always eager to please. It is important that you socialize your puppies at a young age with both animals and people. Its intelligence makes it easy to train. All in all, training should be done early while the dog is still manageable in size. Teach him not to jump on humans.

    Considering its size, it is important that you train your puppy how to heel and other tricks that will help you calm him down in public. This is because when outdoors, the dog may be too strong for you. You should make sure you remain the strong pack leader at all times. The breed is a great watchdog and its size makes it a break-in deterrent. The dog will drool after eating.


    This dog breed is prone to wobbler syndrome, skin problems, heart problems, extropion, tumors and hip dysplasia. You should also watch out for twisted stomachs. Feed him three times a day instead of one in order to avoid bloating.


    The massive Saint Bernard puppies San Diego will need long walks. This will keep him in good mental and physical condition. Puppies should not be exercised at once until their bones are strong enough. The coat needs brushing and combing. Bathing should be done when absolutely necessary.

    Average size

    Height: 25 to 28 inches

    Weight: 110 to 200 pounds

    Life expectancy

    8 to 10 years

    Typical use

    Family dog

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