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     Rottweiler Puppies

    The Rottweiler is a medium to large sized breed common as a pet. They were initially used to herd livestock in Germany and pull meat laden carts. They were then referred to as Rottweiler butchers. Some records depict that the Rottweiler might have been used in hunting. This claim is further backed by the fact that modern breeds have a hunting instinct. Today, they are used in search and rescue, as guide dogs and as police dogs.


    When shopping for the Rottweiler puppies, you should lookout for such features as black coats and defined rich tan markings. The skull is of a medium length and considerably wide between the ears. The forehead has a moderately arched line. The black nose is broad with large nostrils. The muzzle is of a considerable length which is neither short nor elongated. The Rottweilerss have strong jaws that make a scissor bite. The eyes are medium sized, almond in shape and dark brown. The ears are normally medium sized and triangular in shape. The head has a tightly fitting skin.

    The breed has a strong and considerably long neck which is muscled and arched. The chest is broad and deep with a fore-chest that is well developed. Traditionally, the tail is docked. From the front, the front legs are straight and close to each other. The rear legs, on the other hand, are not close together and appear straight.

    When shopping for the Rottweiler puppies San Diego, the best part to look at is the coat. The breed has an under and outer coat. The outer coat has a medium length and is dense. The undercoat is seen on the thighs and neck. Other than that, the undercoat should not be visible under the outer coat. If living in hot areas, the undercoat might be missing. As a side note, you should understand that the coat experiences shedding but require minimal maintenance.


    The Rottweilers are known to be placid while in basic disposition and pretty devoted and obedient. They are always eager to work and have an instinct to chase smaller animals. They are steady and fearless. They are always alert of their surroundings. Generally, they are self-assured and sociable.  They also have a tendency to protect their home and family. They are hence considered as guardians, companions and all purpose dogs. The breed has a balanced nature and gives a force bark when necessary.

    Irresponsible ownership can lead to dangerous behaviors. You should therefore take time to properly train your Rottweiler puppies early enough. Neglect, abuse and isolation should also be avoided.


    The Rottweiler puppies San Diego are relatively disease free. However, hip dysplasia can be a menace. X-ray services are offered by most Rottweiler breed clubs. Other popular problems are Osteochondritis Dissecans (affects the shoulder joints and results from the rapid growth rate of the breed), obesity, and parvovirus infections.

    Before buying Rottweilers, ask for a certificate that the animals used in breeding do not have ectropion or entropion. They should also have a full dentition with scissor bites.

    Average Size


    Male: 24 to 27 inches

    Female: 22 to 25 inches


    Male: 50 to 60 kilograms

    Female: 35 to 48 kilograms

    Typical use

    They are used as family dogs, guide dogs, herding dogs as well as police dogs.

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