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Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies

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    Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies

    The Rhodesian ridgeback breed was developed in South Africa. The dog is known for its ability to keep a lion at bay hence its local names which include Simba Inja and Shumba Imbwa. It was used to keep a lion at bay until its master came to kill it. This is a calm dog breed and is mainly used today as a family pet.


    In appearance, the San Diego Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy grows into a large and muscular hound. It has a broad head that is flat between the ears. The muzzle is both deep and long and has a well defined stop. The nose is black, liver or brown in color depending on the coat color. The eyes are round in shape and normally brown. The ears are medium sized and are set high. They drop down and are wider at the base and tapering. The dog has a deep chest. The fore legs are straight and very strong. The tail is long and tapers at a point. The dewclaws are at times removed.

    Some people prefer the Rhodesian ridgeback puppy because it is easy to groom. It has a short, dense coat. Down the middle of the back, you can see symmetrical ridge of hairs growing in the opposite direction. The main coat colors include wheaten to some shades of red. You may find some white on the toes and chest.


    The Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies San Diego are well described as fine hunters. It is normally ferocious when hunting but very calm, obedient, gentle and good when indoors. The dog is generally good natured. Some will not do well with kids because they are strong and will keep knocking the kids down or playing rough. They are very intelligent, straight forward and skillful. The breed is mainly considered as a family dog because of its loyalty. It is also vigilant and brave.

    On the flip side, the San Diego Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy may be reserved in the presence of strangers. It will need adequate socialization. Failure to give him adequate physical and mental exercises will make him unmanageable. It needs a pack leader that is consistent, firm and confident. It does well with rules that it has to follow. If you are a meek or passive owner, then this dog breed is not ideal for you. It can be more destructive than a Lab when not well trained, exercised and commanded.


    The Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy San Diego is hardy. However, you must be conscious of such problems as hip dysplasia, cysts, dermoid sinus and mast cell tumors.


    Care should be focused on mental and physical exercises. Daily long walks and jogs will be great. It should also be given an opportunity to run off a leash but within an enclosed yard. Lack of exercises will lead to behavioral problems.

    The coat is easy to groom. Brush regularly with a firm bristle brush. You should shampoo when absolutely necessary. The breed is an average shedder.

    Average size

    Height: 24 to 27 inches

    Weight: 65 to 90 pounds

    Life expectancy

    10 to 12 years

    Typical use

    Family pet

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