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Puli Puppies

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    Puli Puppies

    If you are looking for a unique and lovely family dog, then the San Diego Puli puppy is a recommendable choice. This is a small-medium breed of a Hungarian origin. It was originally used as a livestock guarding and herding dog. This dog breed is mainly distinguished by its long and corded coat. Its coat resembles dreadlocks and it is practically waterproof. It is a unique and cute dog to have in your house.


    The Puli puppies San Diego grow into compact, square looking dogs with unique corded coats. It has a fine boned body that is fairly muscular. Its head is domed and proportional to its body. When viewed from the side, the head is egg-shaped. The tail curls tightly over the back. The eyes are almond shaped and dark brown. The ears are medium sized and may have black pigments. When fully grown, the coat can reach to the ground. The widely accepted colors are black, shades of gray, apricot and rarer white.


    The Puli puppy San Diego is cheerful, lively and very loyal. It makes an excellent family pet and is highly considered for its ability to adapt into any surrounding or circumstance. The breed has an innate intelligence that makes it pretty easy to train. The breed excels in obedience and agility training.

    All in all, if it senses that its master is not as strong minded, it will become willful with a mind of its own. It will make its own rules and become difficult to control. The Puli puppies San Diego need a strong pack leader. They require proper communication and training from an early age. Taking time to learn how to properly communicate with this dog breed will be of great help in bringing out the best in him.


    The San Diego Puli puppy is considered a hardy dog breed. Breeders test their stock for eye problems and hip dysplasia. The breed does not suffer from any specific health problem. All in all, you should make appointments with the vet and check the coat for pests.


    As aforementioned, this dog breed will adapt into any condition; be it an apartment or a farm. It is suited for all climates. It is fairly active indoors and will do fine with a sizable yard to run about.

    The Puli puppy San Diego will require daily walks and jogs. This will help shed the excess energy. Even so, when exercising, you need to hold the dog beside or behind you. Letting him walk in front will give him the idea that he is the leader. Some dogs are fond of water and will swim pretty well. They, however, need supervision.

    The corded coat forms after 6 months. You need to regularly separate the cords by hand. The ears and eyes should be cleaned regularly and the nails clipped. Bathing should be when absolutely necessary since without a drier, the coat can take 2 days to dry.

    Average size

    Height: 14 to 17 inches

    Weight: 20 to 35 pounds

    Life expectancy

    12 years

    Typical use

    Companion dog

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