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Portuguese Water Dog

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    Portuguese Water Dog

    The San Diego Portuguese Water dog is classified as a working dog. Just as its name implies, this dog breed is originally from Portugal, Algarve. The dog was used to herd fish into fishermen’s nets. It was also used to retrieve broken or lost nets as well as act as couriers between ships or from ship to shore. This dog is also known as the Portuguese Fishing Dog or the Algarvian Water Dog. It is rare and is widely used today as a family dog. The popularity of the breed rose when it was selected as the dog of the US President Barak Obama.


    The Portuguese Water puppies San Diego grow into medium-sized dogs that are muscular. They have a level top-line. Their head is broad and domed and longer than its muzzle. The muzzle has a defined stop and a black nose. The teeth make a scissor bite. The eyes are medium sized and round in shape. The ears are heart-shaped and set high. The tail is normally not docked; it is thick at the base and tapering. The dewclaws are usually removed.

    The legs of the Portuguese water dog San Diego are straight and have webbed feet which aid in swimming. The breed has a thick single-layered coat. The coat is normally wavy or curly in texture. Coat colors include black, white and various shades of brown. Parti-colors of white with some dark spots, brown or black with whitish markings and silver fox as well as gray are also acceptable colors.


    In general, the San Diego Portuguese water dog is lively, loyal and loves water. It is high spirited, animated and amusing. Considering its coat does not shed, it is recommended for people who suffer from dog allergies. It is a fun dog breed to be around. It is also affectionate with its family.

    The dog breed has great stamina and will be calm when given adequate exercises. They are great with kids and will be great with other dogs and pets. They are considered to be even and pleasant tempered. Other than that, this dog is keenly aware, brave, intelligent and very trainable. It is always keen to work and to understand instructions. The dog will make a great watchdog.

    The dog is very sensitive to the tone of the owner’s voice hence the need to be a calm and consistent master. The dog may take liberties if it feels it is stronger minded than you.


    Some lines are prone to PRA and hip dysplasia. Other concerns include fatal nerve disease and GM-1 storage disease.


    Being bred initially as a working dog, the Portuguese Water puppy San Diego will always be full of energy. They need daily long, brisk walks or jogs to shed some of their energy. The coat will require regular brushing and combing. The coat does not shed and grows slowly hence does not need frequent clipping or scissoring.

    Average size

    Height: 17 to 22 inches

    Weight: 35 to 55 pounds

    Life expectancy

    10 to 14 years

    Typical use

    Family dog

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