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Plott puppies

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    Plott puppies

    The Plott puppies San Diego were initially bred in North Carolina over 200 years ago. The dog was bred to serve as a pack-hunter. It was used for hunting wild boar and bear. Even today, this breed is still used as a hunting dog. They are also used in numerous tracking and other dog sports. As hunting dogs, the puppies are extremely energetic and are recommended for places with adequate room for roaming.


    The San Diego Plott puppies are simply medium sized dogs that are both muscular and powerful. They have a skull with a moderate flat and a well fitted skin. They have a moderately long muzzle that has flews that give it a square shape. The nose and lips are black. The eyes are hazel or brown in color and have black rims. The ears are hanging and broad-set and are medium in length. The tail is long and is set below the top line.

    The Plott puppy San Diego has short but strong feet with webbed toes. Their coat is short, fine, glossy and smooth. Most dogs have a single coat but from time to time you may find a double coat. The coat colors include shades of brindle, brindle with some black saddle, and solid black, black with brindle trim as well as buckskin. The dog may also have some white on the feet and chest.


    The Plott puppies San Diego makes a great companion dog. The dog is loyal and very intelligent. It learns fast, it is affectionate and fairs well with kids. As a hunting dog breed, it is very courageous and determined. It will play chicken with a large bear or a wild and angry boar. It has a high pitched voice.

    To bring the best of the dog, it is critical that you socialize him from an early age. Obedience training is important. The Plotts need a handler that is both calm and firm. They will also need proper canine to human communication else they will develop undesirable traits.


    The Plott puppy San Diego eats large volumes of food fast. It is hence prone to gastric torso and stomach twisting that may be life threatening. You should not exercise the dog after meals. Other than that, this is a generally healthy dog breed.


    Considering its high energy, the San Diego Plott puppy are not recommended for apartment life. They can live and sleep outdoors in a good kennel without any problem. The breed also has poor road sense and should be kept in a safe area since it has a tendency of roaming.

    Sufficient daily exercises are needed. They should include daily long, brisk walks or jogs. Walk the dog beside or behind you. You should also give it a chance to run free.

    Grooming is easy. The coat needs occasional brushing and combing to get rid of dead hairs. The ears should be checked for infections. The feet should also be checked for injuries after hunting.

    Average size

    Height: 20 to 24 inches

    Weight: 45 to 55 pounds

    Life expectancy

    12 to 14 years

    Typical use

    Hunting and as a companion dog

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