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Pharaoh Hound puppies

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    Pharaoh Hound puppies

    The Pharaoh Hound is the national hound of Malta, the Mediterranean nation. It was traditionally used by Maltese men for hunting. Despite its name, there is no trace of Ancient Egypt origin in the breed’s DNA. All in all, the ancient myth of it originating from the ancient Egyptian hunting dogs named Tesem still holds. There have also been striking similarities between the San Diego Pharaoh Hound puppies with ancient Egyptian paintings.


    In appearance, the Pharaoh Hound puppy San Diego is tall, slender and very athletic. In spite of it being tall, its body length is longer than its height hence not a compact dog. It has a long and lean neck which is slightly arched. The head is wedge shaped and a bit chiseled. The muzzle is longer than its skull. The nose’s color is similar to that of the coat. The teeth make a scissor bite. The eyes are oval shaped, small and deep set. The eyes are amber in color. The ears are large and erect. The tail is long and resembles a whip. The fore legs are straight and the dewclaws are removed.

    The Pharaoh Hound puppies San Diego have a glossy, short coat. The coat comes in red or tan with some white markings. In the show rings, the Pharaoh Hound with white on the tail tip is preferred. When buying a puppy, you should note that the puppy is born with blue eyes which later turn to yellow or golden before darkening.


    The Pharaoh Hound puppy San Diego makes a perfect companion dog. It is independent in a reasonable way and pleasant in nature. It is usually peaceful indoors and only playful when outdoors. If given enough exercises, it will remain calm. It is brave, loyal to its master, loving to its family, well behaved and very intelligent. This dog breed is considered a family pet because it loves kids. It will always be reserved with strangers. When excited, it will blush.

    The handler of the Pharaoh Hound puppies San Diego must be understanding of the dog’s traits and be consistent. The intelligence of the dog helps it excel in obedience training. The dog will need socialization and a strong leader. The dog is also a speedy hunter and should not be trusted with such pets as guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, mice and other non-canine pets. When outdoors, you should not take him off leash unless you are sure he is contained.


    The Pharaoh Hound puppies San Diego grow into hardy breeds that are quite healthy. However, you should note that the breed is sensitive to medication and insecticides.


    The breed requires minimal care especially when it comes to grooming. Rubber brushing will help remove the dead hairs. Bathe when absolutely necessary. The best thing is that this dog has no doggy odor. Daily long walks will bring the best of your pet.

    Average size

    Height: 21 to 25 inches

    Weight: 45 to 55 pounds

    Life expectancy

    11 to 14 years

    Typical use

    Family pet

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