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Pekingese Puppies

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    Pekingese Puppies

    The Pekingese is an ancient toy dog breed also known by such names as the Pelchie Dog, Peke, Pekingese Lion-Dog or the Lion-Dog. The dog originated in China. Their name is derived from their resemblance to the Chinese guardian lions. This dog was favored as a companion dog, a lap dog and was mainly used by royalties. Its name refers to the Peking City in Beijing. The San Diego Pekingese puppies are used as family dogs.


    Belonging to the group of toy dogs, the Pekingese puppies San Diego are small, well balanced dogs. They have a body that is slightly longer than tall. When compared to the body, the head is larger and has a massive top which is both flat and broad. The face is flat. The muzzle is flat and broad and thicker just below the dog’s eyes. The nose is black in color, broad and short. The teeth make an under bite. The eyes are wide set and have black eye rims. The ears are heart shaped and are well feathered to blend with the head. The neck is thick and short. The legs are short and heavy boned. The tail is usually high set and set over the back.

    The Pekingese puppy San Diego has a double coat with an outer coat that is long and coarse. There is profuse feathering on the coat. The under coat, on the other hand, is soft and thick. There is no limit in the range of colors including a black mask.


    For its size, the Pekingese puppy San Diego is very brave. It is independent, sensitive and very affectionate to the master. It is these traits that make him a great companion. It makes a great watchdog. However, it is important to note that overfeeding will lead to weight gain. The dog will also develop the Small Dog Syndrome if not made to follow set rules or if you are a weak pack leader. After the purchase of your Pekingese puppies San Diego, it is critical that you train them and socialize them sufficiently from an early age. They will need daily pack walks where you let them walk beside or behind you. If not well treated, the dog may also develop jealousy, suffer from separation anxiety, become snappy, start biting, and be an obsessive barker and other negative behaviors.


    The San Diego Pekingese puppies catch cold very easy. They are prone to herniated disks, dislocated kneecaps, Trichaiasis, heart problems and breathing problems.


    The first thing you must do for your puppy is never to over feed him. Weight gain comes with a number of problems. Second, you need to take him for daily walks and never let him walk in front. The profuse coat needs daily brushing and combing. The eyes and face should be cleaned daily. The dog is an average shedder. This breed is good for the apartment life.

    Average size

    Height: 6 to 9 inches

    Weight: 8 to 10 pounds

    Life expectancy

    10 to 15 years

    Typical use

    Used mainly as a companion dog

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