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Norwich terrier puppies

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    Norwich terrier puppies

    The Norwich terrier originated in the United Kingdom. It is a dog breed initially bred to hunt small rodents and vermin. Due to its friendly personality, it is today used mostly as a companion dog. It makes the list of the smallest terriers. It is generally healthy. What makes the San Diego Norwich terrier puppies ideal as unique puppies is their scarcity. This is as a result of having a small litter size. Birth is usually through the caesarian sections.


    In appearance, the Norwich terrier puppies San Diego are short, strong, sturdy and small dogs. Their head is rounded and wide and has a considerable amount of space between the eyes. The muzzle is wedge-shaped; it is strong and has a defined stop. The eyes are oval in shape and dark in color. The ears are medium in size and always erect. The legs are straight and the feet rounded. The dog has a medium sized tail which is high set and is carried level with the dog’s top-line. The tail may be docked by half.

    The coat of the Norwich terrier puppy San Diego is wiry and straight. The hairs are about 1 ½ to 2 inches long. The coat colors include red, black and tan, tan, wheaten, and grizzle. The coat may or may not have markings. White markings are common.


    The San Diego Norwich terrier puppies make the list of the smallest working dogs. They are usually active, very courageous, and affectionate and have a balanced character that lacks quarrelsomeness and nervousness. They are considered easy to train. They need consistent rules for them to follow. In addition to that, they love everyone and are great with kids. They are also great with pets. They have a ratting instinct hence will love anything tossed for them.

    Without proper exercises and socialization, the Norwich terrier puppy San Diego may develop undesirable traits such as barking and digging. They need regular exercises for them to shed their excess energy. Another important thing to note is that this breed is prone to the Small Dog Syndrome. If you are a weak or meek pack leader, the dog will believe itself to be the pack leader. This small dog may also suffer from separation anxiety, jealousy as well as guarding behaviors. They make it hard for a housebreak.


    As aforementioned, the Norwich terrier puppy San Diego are generally healthy. However, they may be affected by such conditions as back problems as well as genetic eye illnesses.


    The best care is to take this energetic dog for long pack walks. You may jog for short distances if possible. In all that you do, never let the dog lead the way as you walk or jog as this will make it believe to be the pack leader. The shaggy coat needs daily brushing and combing. It is a light shedder and should be bathed when absolutely necessary.

    Average size

    Height: 10 inches

    Weight: 10 to 12 inches

    Life expectancy

    12 to 15 years

    Typical use

    Companion dog

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