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Miniature Bull Terrier Puppies

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    Miniature Bull Terrier Puppies

    If you are in need of a family dog, then the Miniature Bull Terrier would be worth your consideration. This is breed originating from the English White Terrier, the Bulldog and the Dalmatian. You will be able to see the traits of all three breeds in this breed. The San Diego Miniature Bull Terrier puppies were documented first in 1872.


    The coats of the Miniature Bull Terrier puppies San Diego resemble those of the Bull Terriers. The coat has short and fine hairs which are glossy. The rings accept this breed as white or white with another color. The liver and blue colors on the coats are undesirable.

    The reason for most people adopting the Miniature Bull Terrier puppy San Diego is because of ease in grooming. This breed has a bold build. They are muscular and their body is pretty full. The head is egg-shaped and has a Roman nose. The eyes are usually triangular shaped and very closely set. The ears are always erect and not cropped. The tail is carried horizontally.


    The Miniature Bull Terrier puppies San Diego were fierce in the past. Today, they have a gentle temperament. This is a result of years of modification by breeders. The breed is courageous, active, fun-loving, fearless and clownish. They are usually attached to their owners and make a great family pet. All in all, they need a leader that is firm and consistent. They also need an active family because they are very active dog breeds. They crave human company and will not be ideal in homes where they are left alone for 8 hours. It is fond of both the grownups and children. It is important to note that lack of sufficient exercising may make this breed too energetic for the kids hence the need to supervise at all times.

    With a meek owner, the San Diego Miniature Bull Terrier puppies will become over protective, jealous/ possessive and willful. The dog will need firm training and a lot of daily exercises. They will also need to be socialized and made to understand that they are beneath humans else they will turn to destructive behaviors. They are also not recommended in homes with non-canine pets like hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs. The Miniature Bull Terrier will make a great watch dog.


    The Miniature Bull Terrier puppy San Diego is prone to heart defects, slipped patella, allergies and kidney failure. It may also suffer from zinc deficiency which may lead to death. You should also understand that this breed gains weight fast. He may also suffer from deafness.


    The San Diego Miniature Bull Terrier puppy will do fine in apartments when exercised sufficiently. They prefer warm climates. Grooming requires brushing and combing. The breed is an average shedder and you can remove dead hairs using a rubber glove. You need also to take him for daily long walks. Sufficient exercising will not only make him happy but also reduce chances of him gaining weight or becoming lazy.

    Average Size

    Height: 10 to 14 inches

    Weight: 24 to 33 pounds

    Life expectancy

    10 to 12 years

    Typical use

    Family pet

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