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Manchester terrier (Toy)

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    Manchester terrier (Toy)

    The Manchester terrier (Toy) was bred down in size in North America using the Manchester terrier. This dog breed is placed in the Toy Group. The ears are naturally erect and have no cropping. The breed was initially bred to hunt and kill vermin. It has a compact size that is ideal for suburban and rural living. It is generally loving and loyal. It shows remarkable devotion to its owner and has been known to live to the excess of 20 years.


    The Manchester terrier toy puppies San Diego in the Toy Group can best be described as being small but with long legs and a short coat. The coat is black and tan in color. The dog has a long tail and long and erect ears. The difference between the Toy and the rest of the terriers is that it cannot exceed the weight of 12 pounds. Most of its features are similar to those of the other Manchester terriers. Unlike the bigger terriers, the toy Manchester terrier puppy San Diego is not allowed to have cropped ears. The ears must be pointed at the tip.

    The body of the Manchester terrier is smooth and compact and muscular. The head is usually tight skinned and it is also long and narrow. The ears are V-shaped and stand erect. The eyes are small, almond shaped and dark in color.  The nose is black and the teeth make a scissor bite.


    Just like the standard Manchester terrier, the Toy San Diego Manchester terrier puppies are high-spirited, agile, powerful and intelligent. They are also cunning and always eager to learn. The Toy Dog is both faithful and independent. It is always keen, vigilant, sporty and lively. It is always loyal to its family and is eager to please. The Manchester terrier (Toy) has been known to standout in activities involving agility skills and catch. They also excel in obedience trails.

    In spite of their loyalty, they need proper exercising and training. Absent sufficient exercising, the Manchester terrier puppies San Diego will become hyper, bored, and destructive as well as start barking. They will also need a strong pack leader else they develop the small dog syndrome. Their training should be firm. They should never be trusted with the non-canine animals because of their hunting instincts. Other than that, this is a great companion dog to have around the house.


    The San Diego Manchester toy terrier puppies are generally healthy. Even so, they are prone to a number of health issues such as the Von Willebrand’s disease, glaucoma and heat bumps when exposed to the sun for long.


    The best care to the Toy Manchester terrier puppy San Diego is sufficient exercising. They need daily walks to shed their excess natural energy and to fulfill their primal instincts. The short coat is easy to maintain; it seldom sheds and may go on without the need for grooming. You should, however, check for ear infections and keep the claws short.

    Average size

    Height: 10 to 12 inches

    Weight: maximum of 12 pounds

    Typical use

    Family dog

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