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Manchester Terrier (Standard)

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    Manchester Terrier (Standard)

    If you need an energetic dog breed to adopt as a pet, then the Manchester terrier could be the best choice for you. This is a dog that is independent without being reserved and very protective without being aggressive. Their temperament is steady and get along well with household pets including dogs. They are also considered for being patient with kids. All you need to bring out the best in your Manchester terrier puppy San Diego is to train him sufficiently and socialize him from an early age. The dog loves human companion.


    Of all the terriers, the Manchester terrier puppies San Diego are thought to be the sleekest and the raciest. They have a compact muscular body and a smooth coat. Their top line is slightly arched and they are somewhat longer than they are tall. This breed has great agility and power since it was originally used to course small game and vermin. It exudes an expression that is keen and very alert.


    The San Diego Manchester terrier puppies are high spirited, powerful, intelligent, agile, cunning and always eager to learn. They are both independent and faithful. The breed is loyal to its master and is always eager to please. They excel in activities involving agility skills and in obedience trails. They depend on the attention of their owners hence need a strong master.

    The breed gets upset when left alone for long. This is especially so when it is not exercised, mentally stimulated or when he believes to be the pack leader. They need to be exercised sufficiently in order to avoid destructive tendencies. Training should start when the breed is still young. You should also be aware that it can develop the small dog syndrome if not corrected when it does something wrong.

    The breed is impeccably clean. As a result, it has been described as being cat-like. It is independent, aloof with strangers and very sensitive. This is a well manner dog and is pretty devoted to its family. Other than that, the breed is busy and always nosing for adventure. If untrained, some will turn to digging.


    Some lines of the Manchester terrier puppies San Diego are prone to glaucoma. Some may suffer from breeding disorders known as Von Willebrand’s disease. Heat bumps may develop on the back if left in the sun for long.


    The Manchester terrier puppy San Diego will do okay in an apartment. It is pretty active indoors and will be fine without a yard. Daily exercises are, however, needed. They need daily walks and should be kept on a leash because they love to chase small animals. In a closed yard, you should put him off the leash and let him run. The short black coat is easy to care for and needs no grooming. The breed is also an average shedder. You should take time to clean the claws and ear passages.

    Average size

    Height: 15 to 16 inches

    Weight: 17 to 18 pounds

    Life expectancy

    15 years

    Typical use

    Family pet

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