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Maltese Puppies

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    Maltese Puppies

    The San Diego Maltese puppies are believed to be descendants of breeds in Central Mediterranean Area. This is a small dog breed belonging to the Toy Group. The name is derived from the nation of Malta though it is at times associated with the Adriatic island, Mljet. This is a cute looking dog breed to bring home as a companion dog.


    The Maltese puppies San Diego have a rounded skull and a finger wide dome. The eyes are chocolate in color and the nose is a black button. The dog has a compact body with a length that is equal to the height. The ears are drop and are covered in long hairs. If not exposed to direct sunlight, their nose may fade to light brown or pink. This is known as the winter nose and will become black after exposure to the sunlight.

    The coat of the Maltese puppy San Diego does not have an undercoat. It has long silky hair. It is important to note that this dog breed has hairs and not fur. It hence sheds less and is recommended for people with allergies. The hair is white and may have brown or lemon markings. For easy maintenance, most people prefer to trim the hairs short.


    The San Diego Maltese puppies are known for their high spirits, playfulness and for being lively. They are generally gentle, trusting, loving and very devoted to their owner. They are also intelligent and learn new tricks pretty fast. In case of a suspicious noise, they will always sound an alarm. They hence make it difficult to housebreak. Other than that, this dog breed is considered a classic companion dog because of its being lovable and graceful. It is perfect with non-canine animals and enjoys playing outside.

    One thing you must be meticulous about is the small dog syndrome. This develops when you do not establish yourself as a strong pack leader. The dog needs to be made aware of the rules and reprimanded in-case of breaking them. The dog must be made aware that he is beneath humans. Proper training and socialization will be of great. Additionally, when walking your dog, make sure he is always beside or behind you and never in front of you.


    The Maltese puppy San Diego is prone to sunburns, skin and eye problems, and respiratory problems as well as slipped stifle. The breed should be kept far from damp areas. They also suffer from teeth problems. Feeding them dry dog biscuits could help improve their oral health.


    Considering the health issues this breed is susceptible to, regular checkups are recommended. You will also need to take him for a daily walk and play with him to fulfill his primal instincts. You need to check the eyes and skin for infections. Daily brushing and combing of the coat is recommended. The coat is soft so care must be taken when grooming.

    Average Size

    Height: 8 to 10 inches

    Weight: 6 to 9 pounds

    Life expectancy

    About 15 years

    Typical use

    Companion dog

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